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Upton Park

Park in the large public car park at the top of the drive (preferably towards the far end).

  1. Through the Gate

    Go through gate at the far end of the main car park, and turn immediately right down the slope following the play trail.

    Lat:50° 44' 6'' N(50.735°)
    Long:2° 0' 48.6'' W(-2.01349°)
    OSSY 99144 92822
    w3w: ///tested.horns.shunts
  2. Into the Woods

    Keep following the trail downhill to the bottom fence. Here it swings left and you keep roughly parallel to the fence.

    Lat:50° 44' 3.8'' N(50.734394°)
    Long:2° 0' 52.1'' W(-2.014479°)
    OSSY 99074 92754
    w3w: ///note.modern.keep
  3. A Play Structure

    This area is being opened up as a Play Trail and a number of small scale structures have been installed.

    Lat:50° 44' 0'' N(50.73334°)
    Long:2° 0' 54.7'' W(-2.015203°)
    OSSY 99023 92637
    w3w: ///tribal.useful.wages
  4. Route

    Follow this path until it comes to a gate. Turn right here.

    Lat:50° 43' 57.7'' N(50.7327°)
    Long:2° 0' 57.6'' W(-2.01599°)
    OSSY 98967 92566
    w3w: ///ideal.wool.chops
  5. Route

    Ignore the board-walk on your right, and keep following the edge of the marshy ground until you come to the pond.

    Lat:50° 43' 53'' N(50.7314°)
    Long:2° 1' 1.1'' W(-2.01698°)
    OSSY 98898 92422
    w3w: ///each.unity.period
  6. The Lake

    It is worth stopping for a while here to enjoy the views over the pond.

    Lat:50° 43' 50.9'' N(50.7308°)
    Long:2° 1' 0.2'' W(-2.01672°)
    OSSY 98916 92355
    w3w: ///
  7. Route

    Then re-join the broad path that has come direct from Upton House.

    Lat:50° 43' 50.2'' N(50.7306°)
    Long:2° 0' 59.1'' W(-2.01642°)
    OSSY 98937 92333
    w3w: ///museum.axed.pace
  8. Turn Left

    Turn right along the path and, after about 200m, turn left along the well made cycleway/footpath signposted to Symes Road.

    Lat:50° 43' 42.6'' N(50.7285°)
    Long:2° 1' 0.8'' W(-2.01688°)
    OSSY 98905 92099
    w3w: ///
  9. Through the Gate

    A bit further on, the cycleway path turns right under the railway line. Keep straight ahead here, through the iron gate and back into Upton Country Park.

    Lat:50° 43' 41.9'' N(50.7283°)
    Long:2° 0' 51.6'' W(-2.01432°)
    OSSY 99085 92077
    w3w: ///buyers.socket.glove
  10. Holes Bay Shoreline

    Soon you will be on a wide board walk with fine views over Holes Bay which you follow until the path enters the grounds of Upton House.

    Lat:50° 43' 52.3'' N(50.7312°)
    Long:2° 0' 43'' W(-2.01195°)
    OSSY 99253 92399
    w3w: ///cave.motel.strike
  11. Route

    Turn left for the quickest way back to the car park (marked in green). Keep straight on (along the red route) if you want to see the house.

    Lat:50° 44' 1'' N(50.7336°)
    Long:2° 0' 37.9'' W(-2.01054°)
    OSSY 99352 92666
    w3w: ///fancy.feed.filled
  12. Upton Park

    On the red route, follow the shoreline around until you come to the large ornamental pond, where you turn left and then head gently uphill round the left-hand side of the house to the car park.

    Lat:50° 44' 7.4'' N(50.7354°)
    Long:2° 0' 36.8'' W(-2.01023°)
    OSSY 99374 92866
    w3w: ///cargo.fault.visit
  13. Route

    On the green route, keep bearing left, past the gazebo, keeping the walled garden to your right.

    Lat:50° 44' 3.8'' N(50.7344°)
    Long:2° 0' 39.9'' W(-2.01107°)
    OSSY 99315 92755
    w3w: ///puts.grand.await
  14. Route

    Go through the gap between the greenhouses and the peacock aviaries, and the car park is straight ahead.

    Lat:50° 44' 4.2'' N(50.7345°)
    Long:2° 0' 42.6'' W(-2.01182°)
    OSSY 99262 92766
    w3w: ///keys.dishes.tables