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Upton Park



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Last Visited: 2014

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Interestingly varied short walk of about 2.6km (1.6mls) through woods, past an enchanting pond, along the shores of Holes Bay, and back through the grounds of an old house.

Upton House was built in 1818 by Christopher Spurrier, the son of a wealthy merchant, William Spurrier, who had made a fortune from the Newfoundland trade.

In 1957 the house was given to Poole Council by the Llewellin family who had lived there since 1901. Carol of Hohzollern, Prince of Romania lived here from 1961 to 1969, and since 1976 it has been a Country Park.

Surprisingly rural, itʼs only really the occasional sound that reminds you that you are surrounded by Poole and Hamworthy. Maybe Iʼve been lucky, but the last three times Iʼve been to Upton Iʼve seen a heron. Wonderful birds. Continued…