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Knowlton Circles



Dorset Map

Last Visited: 2013

The Great Barrow  from the church

The Great Barrow from the church

Less sophisticated than its Wiltshire cousin Avebury , Knowlton Circles makes up for it in the number of henges and the size of the site. Traces of up to five circles can be made out in crop-marks, and aerial photographs, although only two are visible on the ground.

Of these, one (also referred to as the Great Barrow) is tiny, completely tree-covered, isolated in the middle of a cereal field and inaccessible. The other is the, much photographed, classic example of how the early christian church took over pagan sites of worship.

The fact that the current ruins are Norman, and thus nearly four thousand years younger than the henge, shouldn╩╝t be allowed to spoil a good argument.