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Mannington Heath


Park on the verge at SU 065 049 or in the lay-by opposite

  1. Parking Place

    Take care not to block the emergency access.

    Lat:50° 50' 37.7'' N(50.8438°)
    Long:1° 54' 28.3'' W(-1.90786°)
    OS:SU 06583 04925
    w3w: ///craftsman.skip.smiles
  2. Route

    Go through the gate and straight down to the edge of the bog and turn left.

    Lat:50° 50' 36.6'' N(50.8435°)
    Long:1° 54' 28'' W(-1.90777°)
    OS:SU 06589 04891
    w3w: ///enigma.materials.crispy
  3. Route

    Follow the track as it sweeps round the bottom of Summerlug Hill.

    Lat:50° 50' 34.8'' N(50.843°)
    Long:1° 54' 21.9'' W(-1.90609°)
    OS:SU 06708 04836
    w3w: ///struts.weaved.husky
  4. Route

    Turn right when you reach the pylons, and follow the path through the belt of trees between rough grazing on the left and the open bog on the right.

    Lat:50° 50' 31.6'' N(50.8421°)
    Long:1° 54' 6.3'' W(-1.90174°)
    OS:SU 07014 04736
    w3w: ///towers.brambles.spellings
  5. Route

    Just before the path meets an unmade-up road, look for a board walk on the right-hand side.

    Lat:50° 50' 12.1'' N(50.8367°)
    Long:1° 54' 0.4'' W(-1.9001°)
    OS:SU 07130 04136
    w3w: ///former.opened.configure
  6. Board Walk

    Go along the board walk, crossing some surprisingly deep water

    Lat:50° 50' 12.5'' N(50.8368°)
    Long:1° 54' 2.8'' W(-1.90079°)
    OS:SU 07082 04147
    w3w: ///garages.essential.charts
  7. Route

    The board walk ends as soon as it reaches the slightly firmer ground. In wet weather, you will probably find yourself wishing that it went on for another 50m or so

    Lat:50° 50' 13.2'' N(50.837°)
    Long:1° 54' 5.1'' W(-1.90141°)
    OS:SU 07038 04169
    w3w: ///standing.bolts.mainframe
  8. Route

    About 200m further on, a broad path comes up to meet our path from the left and carries on over the heath, keeping just above the edge of the bog.

    Lat:50° 50' 15'' N(50.8375°)
    Long:1° 54' 13.7'' W(-1.9038°)
    OS:SU 06870 04224
    w3w: ///endlessly.steps.slippery
  9. Route

    Eventually this path comes to a crossways where we turn right on to a sandy path that runs roughly parallel to the road, until it brings you back to the starting point.

    Lat:50° 50' 24.4'' N(50.8401°)
    Long:1° 54' 50.3'' W(-1.91396°)
    OS:SU 06154 04513
    w3w: ///spellings.outsiders.compounds