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Park in the triangular gravel pull-in on the edge of Wigbeth by the Forestry Commission 'Queens Copse' sign.

  1. Head up the broad gravel path, strictly observing the "Please do not answer a call of nature in full view of the houses" sign.

    Lat:50° 51' 42'' N(50.861675°)
    Long:1° 56' 1.4'' W(-1.933727°)
    OSSU 04760 06910
    w3w: ///natively.resurgent.redefined
  2. After a couple of hundred metres you will see a path through the tall trees on your left. Ignore this for the time being, but this is the way we will be coming back.

    Lat:50° 51' 38.1'' N(50.860579°)
    Long:1° 55' 59.7'' W(-1.933251°)
    OSSU 04794 06789
    w3w: ///scooters.donates.hired
  3. After a further 200m or so, the gravel path swings round to the right and there is another path heading back to the left by a bridleway way-mark. Again keep to the gravel path but make a note of this turning for the way back.

    Lat:50° 51' 31.8'' N(50.85884°)
    Long:1° 56' 7.8'' W(-1.935501°)
    OSSU 04635 06595
    w3w: ///bedrock.woven.unhappily
  4. It is here that the land on either side of the gravel path quickly drops away and you find yourself on the top of an embankment with our first view of Wigbeth Lake through the trees on you right.

    Lat:50° 51' 30.5'' N(50.858459°)
    Long:1° 56' 14.3'' W(-1.937318°)
    OSSU 04508 06553
    w3w: ///pass.stub.coherent
  5. Soon after the end of the embankment, you will reach a large open area where five paths meet. We will take the right-hand most one, and come back along the second to right path.

    Lat:50° 51' 30.4'' N(50.858456°)
    Long:1° 56' 22.8'' W(-1.939671°)
    OSSU 04342 06552
    w3w: ///pancake.slider.overtones
  6. The path quickly narrows and heads gently down hill to run along the inside edge of the plantation next to the lake. Not unsurprisingly, it can get a little boggy along here.

    Lat:50° 51' 36.1'' N(50.860039°)
    Long:1° 56' 36'' W(-1.943323°)
    OSSU 04085 06728
    w3w: ///trades.seriously.private
  7. Keep going until just before you reach the gate at the corner of the plantation, you see a narrow path to the left leading down a slight slope.

    Lat:50° 51' 42.1'' N(50.861701°)
    Long:1° 56' 46.7'' W(-1.946296°)
    OSSU 03875 06913
    w3w: ///spells.zipped.nightcap
  8. Take the path on the left keeping parallel to the fence until you reach the broad main ride from Horton Tower.

    Lat:50° 51' 29.4'' N(50.858175°)
    Long:1° 56' 57.2'' W(-1.94923°)
    OSSU 03669 06520
    w3w: ///eruptions.taps.driving
  9. If you want to take a wander up to the tower, turn right.

    Lat:50° 51' 29.8'' N(50.858287°)
    Long:1° 57' 1.4'' W(-1.950385°)
    OSSU 03588 06533
    w3w: ///joins.political.hers
  10. Otherwise turn left on to a path, which being a bridleway, can get badly cut up in the winter, but persevere, as after about 200m it re-joins the main gravel path.

    Lat:50° 51' 30'' N(50.858346°)
    Long:1° 56' 43.2'' W(-1.945334°)
    OSSU 03943 06540
    w3w: ///stroke.condition.splint
  11. Head back along the main path until you reach the open area where five paths meet, then go back over the embankment.

    Lat:50° 51' 29.3'' N(50.858133°)
    Long:1° 56' 23.3'' W(-1.939818°)
    OSSU 04332 06516
    w3w: ///without.bucks.occupations
  12. Veer right at the bridleway way mark discussed above. This path, which can also get a bit boggy, quickly leaves the woods and then runs along the edge of a meadow.

    Lat:50° 51' 30.9'' N(50.858591°)
    Long:1° 56' 5.9'' W(-1.934974°)
    OSSU 04673 06567
    w3w: ///deputy.sleepless.unpacked
  13. Keep an eye on the forest fence, and after about 400m you will spot an old broken-down horse-jump in the hedge. Turn right here, and head back into the woods.

    Lat:50° 51' 33.5'' N(50.859299°)
    Long:1° 55' 46.6'' W(-1.929612°)
    OSSU 05050 06646
    w3w: ///unfounded.slam.donation
  14. Keep on this path, past the old ponds, until it re-joins the main path, where you turn right for the short walk back to the car park.

    Lat:50° 51' 37.7'' N(50.860478°)
    Long:1° 55' 57.8'' W(-1.932734°)
    OSSU 04830 06777
    w3w: ///topmost.trophy.hunt