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I decided that in order to support the changes I wanted to make to the location maps, I needed to perform some fairly radical surgery to the database; big mistake.

In doing so I managed to break a lot of stuff, and in the course of fixing things, broke a lot more.

I think everything is now back to working how it used to; now all I've got to do is remember what I was trying to achieve.

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I regret to say that it is no longer possible to buy prints from this site. However, please feel free to contact me, if you have any specific requirements.


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In these litigious time I should perhaps point out that the world is full of dangers, both seen and unseen, and that not everyone you meet, necessarily, has your best interests at heart. I cannot and will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage you sustain, however caused, whilst visiting any of the places mentioned in this site, or as a result of following links to other web sites mentioned herein.

In particular, you should not venture on to areas of open heath and moorland, such as the New Forest without a large-scale map of the area and a pair of decent walking shoes. Please bear in mind that mobile phone coverage, may be patchy away from the main centres of population.