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Park in the little Burbush Hill car park on your left as you come out of Burley. This is difficult spot if you are coming from the north and almost impossible to see if you are coming from the south. So keep your eyes peeled.

  1. Burbush

    Leave the car park by the path in the bottom right-hand corner, which is also used by cyclists.

    Lat:50° 48' 53.3'' N(50.8148°)
    Long:1° 42' 51.5'' W(-1.7143°)
    OS:SU 20224 01735
  2. Burbush

    Fairly shortly this track leads down onto the old track-bed, which you follow along to the left.

    Lat:50° 48' 51.1'' N(50.8142°)
    Long:1° 42' 48.8'' W(-1.71355°)
    OS:SU 20277 01668
  3. Small Railway Bridge

    There are a number of old railway structures still to be seen, including this old beam bridge.

    Lat:50° 48' 46.4'' N(50.8129°)
    Long:1° 42' 20.9'' W(-1.7058°)
    OS:SU 20823 01526
  4. Gateposts

    Look out for a set of four old gate posts next to some yew trees on the right of the track. (Note: This is actually the second set of gate posts you come to, but the first set are hidden in the undergrowth and not easily spotted.)

    Lat:50° 48' 48.6'' N(50.8135°)
    Long:1° 41' 53.1'' W(-1.69808°)
    OS:SU 21367 01594
  5. Causeway

    This is Shappen Crossing. To the north of the line there is a good causewayed track over the marsh. So turn left through the gateway and go along this path.

    Lat:50° 48' 49.7'' N(50.8138°)
    Long:1° 41' 51.4'' W(-1.69762°)
    OS:SU 21399 01628
  6. Rushes

    The path leads through some fine reed-beds.

    Lat:50° 48' 50.8'' N(50.8141°)
    Long:1° 41' 50.9'' W(-1.69747°)
    OS:SU 21410 01661
  7. Burbush

    At the end of the causeway follow the broad path as it swings left up the hill.

    Lat:50° 48' 51.8'' N(50.8144°)
    Long:1° 41' 50.7'' W(-1.69743°)
    OS:SU 21412 01695
  8. Burbush

    And follow this path to the top of Shappen Hill.

    Lat:50° 48' 59.8'' N(50.8166°)
    Long:1° 41' 56.7'' W(-1.69908°)
    OS:SU 21295 01939
  9. Burbush

    Keep left were the path forks.

    Lat:50° 49' 7'' N(50.8186°)
    Long:1° 42' 5.5'' W(-1.70152°)
    OS:SU 21122 02161
  10. Burbush

    Then turn left on to the broad track and keep following this track.

    Lat:50° 49' 8'' N(50.8189°)
    Long:1° 42' 7.6'' W(-1.7021°)
    OS:SU 21081 02194
  11. Burbush

    Eventually the path swings to the left, drops down into a little valley and up again onto another small hill.

    Lat:50° 49' 1.2'' N(50.817°)
    Long:1° 42' 26.5'' W(-1.70736°)
    OS:SU 20712 01981
  12. Burbush

    Ignore the tracks leading off to your right in the bottom of the valley and on top of the small hill. Both are boggy and lead you to the wrong side of the stream.

    Lat:50° 48' 56.5'' N(50.8157°)
    Long:1° 42' 31.9'' W(-1.70886°)
    OS:SU 20606 01836
  13. Burbush

    Keep straight on down the hill, back to the old railway line, and turn right retracing your steps towards the car park.

    Lat:50° 48' 49.7'' N(50.8138°)
    Long:1° 42' 41'' W(-1.71138°)
    OS:SU 20430 01624
  14. Burbush

    A short way along there is an alternative route to the car park up the bank on your right.

    Lat:50° 48' 50.4'' N(50.814°)
    Long:1° 42' 44.3'' W(-1.7123°)
    OS:SU 20365 01646