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Castle Hill


  1. Burley Street

    Follow the gravel track up the hill.

    Lat:50° 50' 14.6'' N(50.8374°)
    Long:1° 42' 56.2'' W(-1.7156°)
    OS:SU 20122 04247
    w3w: ///bloodshot.gloves.divide
  2. Burley Street

    Turn left at the top and then carry on up the hill past the ponds.

    Lat:50° 50' 11.8'' N(50.8366°)
    Long:1° 43' 3.8'' W(-1.71772°)
    OS:SU 19973 04158
    w3w: ///strictest.national.motoring
  3. Castle Hill

    Keep going on up the track until you reach a fork in the road, where you take the right-hand track.

    Lat:50° 50' 4.9'' N(50.8347°)
    Long:1° 43' 7.7'' W(-1.71881°)
    OS:SU 19897 03946
    w3w: ///harshest.soon.gazes
  4. Castle Hill Embankment

    A little further on, a small "lawn" opens up on your right and one of the few stretches of the old hill fort ramparts that isn't buried in the woodland can be seen.

    Lat:50° 50' 2.8'' N(50.8341°)
    Long:1° 43' 12.5'' W(-1.72013°)
    OS:SU 19805 03879
    w3w: ///releasing.rags.bedroom
  5. Possible old gateway

    Returning to the track, you pass through what may have been one of the original gateways. Certainly judging from the height of the rampart on your left, this was a well-defended section.

    Lat:50° 50' 0.2'' N(50.8334°)
    Long:1° 43' 11.1'' W(-1.71976°)
    OS:SU 19831 03801
    w3w: ///roadshow.candy.tries
  6. Style leading to main road

    Carry on along the track, through the group of cottages known as Blackbush. Go over the stile on your left. This leads to a fairly boring track between two palatial estates, and down to the main road.

    Lat:50° 49' 51.6'' N(50.831°)
    Long:1° 43' 7'' W(-1.7186°)
    OS:SU 19914 03535
    w3w: ///delighted.lawful.highlighted
  7. Pigs

    Follow the path down to the main road. There were some rather nice pigs down there, when I checked it out. Turn left and keep to the pavement back to your car.

    Lat:50° 49' 52.3'' N(50.8312°)
    Long:1° 43' 0'' W(-1.71667°)
    OS:SU 20050 03558
    w3w: ///hotdog.yachting.avocado