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All Saints - Volunteers


During the morning of 25th January 1991 a great storm developed with winds exceeding 100 m.p.h. And by early afternoon some 145 trees, many of them over 100 years old, had been blown down in the churchyard making criss-cross piles of trunks over fourteen feet high. The memorial was also badly damaged.

A team of local volunteers worked over seventeen consecutive weekends to clear the debris and help to restore the churchyard to a place of peace and restfulness and in gratitude to them their names are recorded below.

  • Robert Adlington
  • Gwen Adlington
  • Reginald Brooks
  • Charles Brooks
  • William Brooks
  • Keith Brooks
  • Stephen Brooks
  • Sidney Cooper
  • Bert Doe
  • Eddie Doe
  • Peter Durrant
  • Sam Durrant
  • Brian Gogan
  • David Hiscock
  • George James
  • Eileen James
  • Sidney Lamb
  • Lord John Manners
  • Andrew Pidgley
  • George Pidgley
  • John Pidgley
  • Michael Pidgley
  • Robert Pidgley
  • William Pidgley
  • William King
  • Kenneth King
  • Albert King
  • Raymond King
  • Phillip King
  • Michael King
  • Anthony Kinsella
  • Nicholas Kench…
  • Christopher Rad…
  • Michael Ritcher
  • Stephen Rostigina
  • Ray Sherwood
  • Ronald Stevens
  • Norman Wootton
  • Raymond Young