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This walk, of approximately 2.7 kilometres {1.7 miles) starts and end in the little hamlet of Burley Street, and takes in the ramparts of the old Iron Age fort at Castle Hill.

The outward part of the walk is along gravel tracks, but I haven't yet found a satisfactory alternative to the road for the way back.

There is a footpath all the way, which at one point diverts away from the road and up the bank, but the road does carry a lot of traffic and is not that pleasant to walk beside.

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Burley Street once boasted a chapel, shop and garage, of these only Burley Motors Garage (an outfit that takes its name a little too literally as it is no bigger than a domestic double garage) remains, the other two having become private houses. It does, however, have some very pretty cottages (and some not so pretty ones).

Castle Hill is an old earthwork probably dating from the Iron Age although it may have been occupied since Bronze Age times. When it was excavated back in 1926, among many items discovered, were twelve palstave axes - these were found in a small gravel pit only 18" below the surface. These are now in the British Museum and have been dated to around 1200BC.

According to legend, it was once the home of a local dragon that was eventually killed by a brave knight from nearby Brook. The pub at Brook is named the Green Dragon in honour of this deed.

The banks of the old fort provide extensive views over Cranes Moor, one of the oldest bogs in the Forest, and of the countryside beyond.

Also of note are the ponds on your right as you head up the hill from Burley Street. These are probably old marl workings, but their exact origin is open to speculation.