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Wiltshire Map

Last Visited: 2012

Church Street
Church Street

Mere is a delightful small town on the Wiltshire-Dorset border. Once a busy staging post on the London to Exeter route, the A303 now by-passes the town to the north, leaving it now almost traffic free.

Standing between the town and the busy main road is Castle Hill (still protecting the town from traffic noise, if nothing else).

Mere from the Castle
Mere from the Castle

Little remains of the old Norman castle except some banks and ditches, however it is worth the climb for the view alone.

On top of the hill is the memorial to the soldiers of the 43rd Wessex Division who fell in World War II.

According to the plaque, "This memorial is a replica of that erected on Hill 112 near Caen the site of the first major battle in which the division took part July 10th to July 24th 1944".

Just a thought. By all accounts Mere is a busy little place with lots going on in the community. Its streets are largely free from traffic. Is there a connection? As Sir John Betjeman was fond of saying, "Traffic changes everything".