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Little Clarendon



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Last Visited: 2015

Little Clarendon
Little Clarendon

Little Clarendon in Dinton is one of the National Trust's less spectacular properties, which in part explains why it is currently (2015) only open on summer Bank Holiday Mondays. Check the official site for details.

Built in the late 15th century, nothing is known of its history until 1697 when it was bought by a yeoman farmer named Henry Hayter.

It changed hands fairly regularly after that, deteriorating slowly, until in 1901 it was bought by the Reverend George Engleheart and his wife. They restored it, not unsympathetically, but it has to be said that the end result feels more nineteenth than fifteenth century.

Don't miss the extraordinary Roman Catholic Chapel created in a former bakehouse by Maude Isabel Engleheart after she became a Catholic. According to a sign in the window, a mass is held here on Friday evenings in the summer.