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A pleasant, if unspectacular, there and back walk along part of the ancient ridgeway and out onto the natural promontory of Buxbury Hill. There are fine views to the east towards the Fovant Badges.

There is some trackside parking just to the east of the Fovant to Fifield Bavant road on the ridgeway by the chicken sheds.

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Wiltshire Map

Hard to believe it now, but during the First World War the area around Fovant, Compton Chamberlayne and Sutton Mandeville was the site of a large training and transit camp for soldiers on their way to or returning from the Western Front. In addition to the barracks, there was a hospital, parade areas, shooting ranges and even a cinema.

From about 1916 the returning soldiers started carving their regimental badges into the chalk above Fovant as a memorial to those of their colleagues who did not return.

Eight of the badges have recently (2000-2003) been resorted, and brief details of each badge are given on the plaque at the viewing point in the lay-by of the A30.

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    • Fovant Badges
      Official site of the Fovant Badges Society a charity dedicated to the upkeep of the badges. Lots of information on the history and restoration of the badges.

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