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When you get to the top of Fortuneswell village, turn left up the minor Verne Hill Road where the main road swings round to the right to start the climb up the cliff face to the top of Portland. Turn right and park in the first car park you come to

  1. From the car parks there are splendid views over Weymouth and Chesil Beach as you walk westwards, parallel to the road. Eventually you reach a short flight of steps and have to decide how you are going to get across the busy A354.

    Lat:50° 33' 21.6'' N(50.556°)
    Long:2° 26' 31.7'' W(-2.44213°)
    OSSY 68776 73011
    w3w: ///ground.forge.sunshine
  2. The most direct route (shown in red) is easier to spot once you've done it. Turn right down the drive to some houses and then zigzag back down the path to the main road. Take your life in both hands, cross the road and head for the old whim.

    Lat:50° 33' 20.2'' N(50.5556°)
    Long:2° 26' 35.9'' W(-2.44331°)
    OSSY 68692 72967
    w3w: ///funny.that.refreshed
  3. After crossing the road, you might want to head down the hill a short way to take a closer look at the clever Spirit of Portland sculpture, before heading up to the whim.

    Lat:50° 33' 21.6'' N(50.556°)
    Long:2° 26' 36.5'' W(-2.44347°)
    OSSY 68681 73011
    w3w: ///smallest.questions.scavenger
  4. The alternative (shown in green) is to follow the minor road round to the roundabout where there are traffic islands allowing you to cross the road in two halves. Keep on the pavement on the seaward side of the road until you come to the whim.

    Lat:50° 33' 18'' N(50.555°)
    Long:2° 26' 32.5'' W(-2.44235°)
    OSSY 68760 72899
    w3w: ///impresses.breathing.heat
  5. From the whim, there is a superb path along the edge of the cliff that follows the line of the old Merchant's Railway. On your left are various ways into the quarry. The best one to head for has an explanatory plaque at its entrance, and takes you in to the bottom end of the quarry.

    Lat:50° 33' 11.2'' N(50.5531°)
    Long:2° 26' 51.4'' W(-2.4476°)
    OSSY 68386 72690
    w3w: ///cope.stutter.upstarts
  6. However, it is worth walking on past this for a little way, and visiting two of the best preserved "tipping points". These are places where waste stone was pushed on makeshift bridges over the path and thrown down the side of the cliff.

    Lat:50° 33' 7.9'' N(50.5522°)
    Long:2° 26' 54.4'' W(-2.44845°)
    OSSY 68326 72591
    w3w: ///tile.beanbag.punters
  7. There is no one route round the quarry that takes in all the various features, without doubling back, so I suggest you wander around at will, heading back round to the left in the direction of the car park.

    Lat:50° 33' 7.6'' N(50.5521°)
    Long:2° 26' 48.3'' W(-2.44676°)
    OSSY 68445 72579
    w3w: ///begun.bronzer.freezers
  8. There is a map near the top end of the quarry.

    Lat:50° 33' 14.4'' N(50.554°)
    Long:2° 26' 38.1'' W(-2.44392°)
    OSSY 68648 72789
    w3w: ///lollipop.winner.mediate
  9. Also at the top end of the quarry you will see the stone setts that mark the line of the Merchant's Railway, follow these out of the quarry and back to the whim. From here retrace your steps to the car park.

    Lat:50° 33' 15.8'' N(50.5544°)
    Long:2° 26' 39.8'' W(-2.4444°)
    OSSY 68614 72834
    w3w: ///takers.skimmers.monument