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Park in the little car park opposite the entrance to Pennsylvania Castle just past the Museum in Easton.

  1. Cross the road and go down the footpath along the side of the castle.

    Lat:50° 32' 22.6'' N(50.5396°)
    Long:2° 25' 52.1'' W(-2.43113°)
    OSSY 69545 71182
    w3w: ///asteroid.recline.panicking
  2. The path drops steeply down through the woods.

    Lat:50° 32' 20.8'' N(50.5391°)
    Long:2° 25' 48.9'' W(-2.43025°)
    OSSY 69607 71126
    w3w: ///traded.assess.cases
  3. Until it reaches the remains of St Andrew's Church. Go through the doorway in what is left of the tower.

    Lat:50° 32' 20'' N(50.5389°)
    Long:2° 25' 46'' W(-2.42945°)
    OSSY 69663 71104
    w3w: ///outlooks.into.selects
  4. Looking down from the churchyard it is easy to spot our path as it drops down to cross the path from Rufus Castle to Church Ope Cove, then climbs over the edge of the cove.

    Lat:50° 32' 20.4'' N(50.539°)
    Long:2° 25' 41.4'' W(-2.42818°)
    OSSY 69753 71114
    w3w: ///cosmic.product.crypt
  5. Before finally dropping down and turning along the top of Penn's Weare cliff. The main path from here to Durdle Pier is through very broken land, much of it quarry waste tipped over the cliffs above you.

    Lat:50° 32' 19'' N(50.5386°)
    Long:2° 25' 35.9'' W(-2.42664°)
    OSSY 69862 71069
    w3w: ///eventful.masking.attends
  6. There are lots of paths diverging in every direction, but if you keep to the well-trodden one about 3m (10ft) back from the cliff edge, you should eventually come to an old quarryman's shelter turned pillbox, without problems.

    Lat:50° 32' 37'' N(50.5436°)
    Long:2° 25' 6.3'' W(-2.41842°)
    OSSY 70448 71622
    w3w: ///extremely.blossom.treetop
  7. From the pillbox, you may want to take a short diversion down to Durdle Pier and the remains of the old whim.

    Lat:50° 32' 38.4'' N(50.544°)
    Long:2° 25' 5.6'' W(-2.41823°)
    OSSY 70461 71666
    w3w: ///relief.relax.animator
  8. Retracing your steps to the pillbox, turn inland and follow the path towards the high cliffs.

    Lat:50° 32' 38'' N(50.5439°)
    Long:2° 25' 7.3'' W(-2.41869°)
    OSSY 70429 71655
    w3w: ///demotion.rust.manual
  9. The path zigzags steeply up the side of the hill until it reaches the track bed of the old Easton & Church Hope Railway.

    Lat:50° 32' 40.2'' N(50.5445°)
    Long:2° 25' 10.8'' W(-2.41966°)
    OSSY 70360 71723
    w3w: ///running.districts.applause
  10. Driving up through Fortuneswell it seems extraordinary that there could have been a line from Weymouth all the way up to Easton right on the top of the island. What a grand ride that must have been.

    Lat:50° 32' 35.2'' N(50.5431°)
    Long:2° 25' 21'' W(-2.42249°)
    OSSY 70159 71568
    w3w: ///
  11. Keep to the left where the path divides. There are often rock climbers here.

    Lat:50° 32' 31.2'' N(50.542°)
    Long:2° 25' 28.5'' W(-2.42458°)
    OSSY 70010 71447
    w3w: ///trailer.done.houseboat
  12. The path drops down to a viewpoint overlooking Church Ope Cove then turns under the Rufus Castle arch and back up into Easton.

    Lat:50° 32' 22.9'' N(50.5397°)
    Long:2° 25' 42'' W(-2.42833°)
    OSSY 69743 71192
    w3w: ///gallons.qualifier.blackbird