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Although not immediately apparent from the outside, Sturminster Minster Mill was originally two mills (one a fulling mill, the other a grist mill) with separate mill wheels sharing a common pit in the centre.

In 1904 the two wheels were replaced by the single Armfield turbine which still operates to this day.

Interestingly, without going out of doors, it is still to this day only possible to get from one half of the building to the other at first floor level. This must have made things very awkward for the miller.

Commercial milling ceased in 1970, and was restarted in the 1980s by a Mill Trust. However, after ten years, food hygiene and health & safety regulations meant that it again faced closure. As a result it was taken over by the Sturminster Newton Museum Society, and is now run as a visitor attraction. And a very attractive one too.

Check the Sturminster Newton Museum & Mill website for opening times etc.