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Park under the railway arch, if there is room. If not, you will have to park back down on the main road wherever you can.

  1. Go up the old station steps, on the far side of the railway bridge. These days there is also a more gentle sloping path on the opposite side of the road.

    Lat:50° 49' 10.2'' N(50.8195°)
    Long:2° 7' 27.9'' W(-2.12442°)
    OSST 91331 02226
    w3w: ///balloons.liquids.unrated
  2. Turn right along the railway line through the remains of Spetisbury Station.

    Lat:50° 49' 9.5'' N(50.8193°)
    Long:2° 7' 26'' W(-2.1239°)
    OSST 91368 02203
    w3w: ///talker.motivator.pairings
  3. Carry on along the old railway line. Eventually the path drops down to a side road at a point where there was once another bridge.

    Lat:50° 49' 7.7'' N(50.8188°)
    Long:2° 7' 22'' W(-2.12277°)
    OSST 91447 02148
    w3w: ///lobby.conveying.stable
  4. Double back over the stile and an up the side of the fields. It is also possible to cut through the hedge about 10m or so before you get to the road.

    Lat:50° 48' 56.9'' N(50.8158°)
    Long:2° 7' 4.4'' W(-2.11788°)
    OSST 91791 01814
    w3w: ///puffed.pool.headlines
  5. Go over the stile at the far end of the field.

    Lat:50° 49' 0.1'' N(50.8167°)
    Long:2° 7' 11.1'' W(-2.11975°)
    OSST 91660 01914
    w3w: ///modest.widely.pool
  6. And into a small area of undisturbed land, much frequented by rabbits. Follow the left-hand path up the hill, and into the bushes. Note: This area has become much more overgrown in recent years.

    Lat:50° 49' 0.8'' N(50.8169°)
    Long:2° 7' 12.8'' W(-2.12022°)
    OSST 91627 01936
    w3w: ///deserved.grass.challenge
  7. Ahead of you, you will see the banks of the hill fort.

    Lat:50° 49' 0.8'' N(50.8169°)
    Long:2° 7' 14.7'' W(-2.12076°)
    OSST 91589 01936
    w3w: ///formal.disgraced.avoid
  8. Climb to the top of the bank and turn left.

    Lat:50° 49' 1.6'' N(50.8171°)
    Long:2° 7' 15.3'' W(-2.12091°)
    OSST 91578 01958
    w3w: ///dodges.advantage.outsmart
  9. And follow the walls up to the Trig Point.

    Lat:50° 49' 0.1'' N(50.8167°)
    Long:2° 7' 18.5'' W(-2.1218°)
    OSST 91515 01914
    w3w: ///adopts.conforms.tripled
  10. From here there are some very fine views of the Stour Valley.

    Lat:50° 48' 59.4'' N(50.8165°)
    Long:2° 7' 22.5'' W(-2.12293°)
    OSST 91436 01892
    w3w: ///sending.weedy.scatters
  11. Follow the walls round and down until you come to the old gateway to the hill fort. The climb down off the bank is quite steep.

    Lat:50° 49' 3.4'' N(50.8176°)
    Long:2° 7' 24'' W(-2.12332°)
    OSST 91409 02014
    w3w: ///seagull.autumn.waitress
  12. On your left you will spot the footpath running across the field to the gate. Go through the gate and turn right back down the road towards the railway bridge.

    Lat:50° 49' 5.9'' N(50.8183°)
    Long:2° 7' 27.7'' W(-2.12437°)
    OSST 91335 02092
    w3w: ///stance.carting.promise
  13. As you head back down the road towards the railway bridge by the station, if you want to extend the walk, take the footpath on your left past the old walled garden.

    Lat:50° 49' 9.1'' N(50.8192°)
    Long:2° 7' 34.5'' W(-2.12624°)
    OSST 91203 02193
    w3w: ///weeks.mastering.weekday
  14. Follow this path up the hill and over the stile.

    Lat:50° 49' 11.3'' N(50.8198°)
    Long:2° 7' 45.4'' W(-2.12927°)
    OSST 90990 02260
    w3w: ///bins.cage.handover
  15. Then head straight up the edge of the field in front of you, ignoring the footpath to your left.

    Lat:50° 49' 13.4'' N(50.8204°)
    Long:2° 7' 47.9'' W(-2.12997°)
    OSST 90941 02326
    w3w: ///poetry.dozed.shorthand
  16. At the far side of the field, the official footpath turns right and goes down the hill along the outside edge of the wood. However the owner of the wood appears to tolerate it being used by the general public, and it is clearly a popular venue for the local mountain bikers.

    Lat:50° 49' 18.1'' N(50.8217°)
    Long:2° 7' 53.3'' W(-2.13148°)
    OSST 90834 02471
    w3w: ///shuts.pigment.downs
  17. I would suggest turning left here and heading up to the apex of the wood where there are some fine views over Blandford, and towards Bulbarrow with its radio masts.

    Lat:50° 49' 16.7'' N(50.8213°)
    Long:2° 7' 59.1'' W(-2.13308°)
    OSST 90722 02427
    w3w: ///pickup.reds.fend
  18. Retrace your steps and take the path into the woods by the old stile.

    Lat:50° 49' 17'' N(50.8214°)
    Long:2° 7' 57'' W(-2.13249°)
    OSST 90763 02438
    w3w: ///ordeals.deck.fake
  19. Ahead of you are three paths. The one to the left heads down to an old quarry and, after a bit of a scramble, re-joins our path by the bridge.

    Lat:50° 49' 18.8'' N(50.8219°)
    Long:2° 7' 55.1'' W(-2.13198°)
    OSST 90799 02494
    w3w: ///bandwagon.optimists.vitamins
  20. The one to the right goes back to the field we crossed on the way up. We take the middle way which heads roughly diagonally across the wood.

    Lat:50° 49' 18.8'' N(50.8219°)
    Long:2° 7' 54.5'' W(-2.13181°)
    OSST 90811 02493
    w3w: ///supported.microchip.repaying
  21. Keep along the well trodden path heading steadily down hill ...

    Lat:50° 49' 23.2'' N(50.8231°)
    Long:2° 7' 49.2'' W(-2.13033°)
    OSST 90916 02627
    w3w: ///constrain.timed.adjusted
  22. ... until you come to an old railway bridge. Here we re-join the official footpath shown in green.

    Lat:50° 49' 24.2'' N(50.8234°)
    Long:2° 7' 44.7'' W(-2.12909°)
    OSST 91003 02660
    w3w: ///remodels.powder.polygraph
  23. Go over the bridge, turn sharp right down the steps to the track-bed, and then turn left along the old railway line.

    Lat:50° 49' 23.9'' N(50.8233°)
    Long:2° 7' 43.9'' W(-2.12885°)
    OSST 91020 02649
    w3w: ///followers.purified.instincts
  24. Keep going until you get back to the remains of Spetisbury Station.

    Lat:50° 49' 12.7'' N(50.8202°)
    Long:2° 7' 31.9'' W(-2.12553°)
    OSST 91253 02304
    w3w: ///tram.strutted.shrub