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Dorset Map

From the outside Fiddleford Manor looks nothing special. In fact, having just come from Shillingstone Station, it reminded me of a disused railway station. Inside, however, it's quite a different story, the truncated remains of a Great Hall complete with Screens Passage, Service Rooms and Solar are topped off with two magnificent 14th century roofs.

The the one in the Hall was much altered in the mid-16th century when this part of the building was rebuilt and a flat plaster ceiling installed. The roof in the chapel-like Solar, however, is pretty much as originally built. Some of the rich decoration of the Solar also survives in the form of a wall painting of the Angel Gabriel at the Annunciation.

In the eighteenth century, half the Hall was demolished and a new house was tacked on to the end of the Solar. Eventually the medieval part of the house was abandoned and became increasingly derelict, until it was rescued and passed to English Heritage. Check the English Heritage website for opening times etc.