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Kantonbern Map

Ironically Grosse Scheidegg is much smaller than its namesake Kleine Scheidegg across the valley, just a bus stop and the berghaus. Still it's worth the trip for the bus journey alone. Twisting and turning up the side of the mountain on a tortuous mountain road with the post horn blaring out, it's more like a theme park ride than a bus journey.

There is a good walk from the top of the pass over to Bort where you can catch the Firstbahn gondolas back down to Grindelwald. However, the weather wasn't with us. We headed back to the berghaus and had a pleasant time drinking beer and watching the rain lash down as we waited for the next bus.

As for the cement mixer, I'm not sure who was the more amazed: Us seeing him driving casually along a high mountain track, or the driver at the idiot Englishman taking his photograph.