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Kantonbern Map

Last Visited: 2006

The Trümmelbach Falls are not to be missed. A short funicular railway built inside the mountain takes you halfway up the cliff-side, and from there a path disappears into a series of caves past four waterfalls, down which the melt waters from the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau rush at a rate of up to 20,000 litres per second.

The name Trümmelbach comes from Trommelbach meaning a stream that sounds like a drum, and the sounds are almost as impressive as sights.

On returning to the top of the lift there is a path leading down the side of the mountains past a further series of six open-air waterfalls, every bit as spectacular as the ones inside the caves.

Note: The names are mine. Officially the waterfalls only have numbers.