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Kantonbern Map

Looking out of our hotel window on our first day I remember spotting some chalets way up high on the side of the mountain and wondering how on earth people got up there.

Being Switzerland the answer is simple, of course: you catch a bus. And when you get there the bus, and possibly the driver, stop for coffee.

Bussalp to Bort Map

Having caught the bus up from Grindelwald, this is then a walk of three thirds:

Like all Swiss footpaths, the route is clearly sign-posted all the way. The posted time was 2hrs (if I remember correctly) and at a leisurely Strolling Guides stroll, it took about three.

Section 1 - Bussalp to Holzmattenlärgar

Section 2 - Holzmattenlärgar to Holewang

Section 3 - Holewang to Bort

From Bort you can either catch the gondola cableway or, better, hire up a trottibike (a sort of overgrown scooter) and free-wheel all the way back down to Grindelwald.

There is something very satisfying about getting all the way from the high alps to the village without using motorised transport.