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Gorley Common

The best car park is the little one at the top of the hill on the sharp bend where the road begins to dip down to Ogdens. Alternatively there is another parking area at Gunville (13). Neither car park is signposted, but they are fairly easy to spot if you

  1. Gorley Common

    Set out along the gravel track leading off to the left of the car park along the edge of the hill. Keep to the gravel track, ignoring any tracks leading off to the left down the hill.

    Lat:50° 54' 22'' N(50.9061°)
    Long:1° 45' 40.9'' W(-1.76137°)
    OSSU 16875 11876
    w3w: ///lemons.blanking.major
  2. Gorley Common

    After about a kilometre (say half a mile) the gravel track you have been following turns away from the edge and heads across the common. Turn left here, just past the large holly tree, along the faint track that rounds the top of the little valley.

    Lat:50° 54' 8.6'' N(50.9024°)
    Long:1° 45' 51.7'' W(-1.76437°)
    OSSU 16665 11463
    w3w: ///bitters.flexibly.vowed
  3. Gorley Common

    Keep following this faint track until you see a distinct gap in the row of young birch trees to your left that now line the edge of the hill.

    Lat:50° 54' 4'' N(50.9011°)
    Long:1° 45' 52.4'' W(-1.76456°)
    OSSU 16652 11319
    w3w: ///mush.ozone.roadways
  4. Gorley Common

    Turn left here and go through this gap and round to the right past a clump of holly bushes. Stop Press: Last time I was here (without a camera), this area had been clear felled. However, if you keep over to the left, you can't go wrong.

    Lat:50° 54' 2.9'' N(50.9008°)
    Long:1° 45' 51.5'' W(-1.76431°)
    OSSU 16670 11286
    w3w: ///
  5. Gorley Common

    A little further on the path appears to divide. Keep to the well-trodden track to the left through the bracken.

    Lat:50° 54' 1.4'' N(50.9004°)
    Long:1° 45' 50.9'' W(-1.76414°)
    OSSU 16682 11241
    w3w: ///compose.strides.untruth
  6. Gorley Common

    This path dips down and then climbs rather steeply (the only steep bit of the walk, I'm pleased to say).

    Lat:50° 53' 60'' N(50.9°)
    Long:1° 45' 54.6'' W(-1.76516°)
    OSSU 16610 11196
    w3w: ///online.firebird.intervals
  7. Gorley Common

    At the top of the climb you come to a broad gravel track. Ignore this and carry on along the grass track through the trees passing the little quarry on your left.

    Lat:50° 53' 59.3'' N(50.8998°)
    Long:1° 45' 58'' W(-1.76612°)
    OSSU 16543 11174
    w3w: ///sitting.sunbeam.finders
  8. Quarry on Gorley Common

    You will pass a small disused quarry on your left. Soon after this, the path bends round to the right and you will find yourself heading for home on the top of a broad bank with the common on your right and the Avon Valley to your left (largely hidden by trees at this point).

    Lat:50° 53' 57.5'' N(50.8993°)
    Long:1° 46' 0.9'' W(-1.76693°)
    OSSU 16486 11118
    w3w: ///screening.spices.kings
  9. View over the Avon Valley

    Keep along this path for about one and a half kilometres (a mile or so), and enjoy the views over the Avon Valley where the trees thin out.

    Lat:50° 54' 2.5'' N(50.9007°)
    Long:1° 46' 6.3'' W(-1.76843°)
    OSSU 16380 11274
    w3w: ///eventful.given.filer
  10. Gorley Common

    Shortly after this, a track comes up from the valley through the houses perched on the edge of the hill, crosses our path and heads of across the common. Cross over this and carry straight on.

    Lat:50° 54' 11.5'' N(50.9032°)
    Long:1° 46' 1.6'' W(-1.76712°)
    OSSU 16471 11552
    w3w: ///crunches.axed.reported
  11. Gorley Common

    Ignore the faint track through the woods and keep to the top of the bank...

    Lat:50° 54' 14'' N(50.9039°)
    Long:1° 46' 0.6'' W(-1.76683°)
    OSSU 16492 11630
    w3w: ///
  12. Gorley Common

    ... until you reach a point where a path branches off to your right...

    Lat:50° 54' 19.1'' N(50.9053°)
    Long:1° 45' 59.9'' W(-1.76664°)
    OSSU 16504 11785
    w3w: ///diplomats.paradise.inch
  13. Gorley Common the top of a little bank where the path to the Gunville car park will come into view.

    Lat:50° 54' 20.2'' N(50.9056°)
    Long:1° 45' 57.9'' W(-1.76609°)
    OSSU 16543 11819
    w3w: ///wiggling.unscathed.fondest
  14. Gorley Common

    Go straight through the car park and out along the path on the far side.

    Lat:50° 54' 22.3'' N(50.9062°)
    Long:1° 45' 55.2'' W(-1.76533°)
    OSSU 16596 11886
    w3w: ///noun.hurt.jacuzzi
  15. Gorley Common

    Climb up the little bank at the end of this path and you will find yourself back at the car park you started from.

    Lat:50° 54' 22.3'' N(50.9062°)
    Long:1° 45' 45.8'' W(-1.76272°)
    OSSU 16780 11886
    w3w: ///dispensed.turntable.unfolds