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At the bottom of the hill leading down from Fritham, turn right just before the pond on to the old Powder Mill Road and the car park is 100m or so along the track. There is room to park on the roadside if it is full.

  1. Go through the barrier and walk on up the old road past the chalybeate spring.

    Lat:50° 55' 50.9'' N(50.9308°)
    Long:1° 40' 32.7'' W(-1.67576°)
    OSSU 22882 14645
    w3w: ///according.blunt.hopping
  2. When the path comes out of the woods, turn right and head up the hill and through Howen Bushes.

    Lat:50° 56' 0.6'' N(50.9335°)
    Long:1° 40' 20.7'' W(-1.67241°)
    OSSU 23116 14947
    w3w: ///comply.poster.centuries
  3. There is no distinct path here, and the ground can get a little boggy. Generally it is best to keep along the edge of the wood heading as straight up the hill as you can.

    Lat:50° 55' 54.1'' N(50.93169°)
    Long:1° 40' 13.7'' W(-1.670484°)
    OSSU 23252 14746
    w3w: ///crouches.forensic.nest
  4. Head into the woods at the top of the hill, and very shortly you will reach the fence surrounding Fritham village. Turn right along the track that runs parallel to the fence.

    Lat:50° 55' 49.4'' N(50.9304°)
    Long:1° 40' 3.7'' W(-1.6677°)
    OSSU 23449 14603
    w3w: ///phones.resides.waking
  5. When you reach the village, the Royal Oak pub is on your left and the actual Royal Oak (a pollarded oak tree which must have started growing well before the practice became illegal in the Forest in 1584) is on your right.

    Lat:50° 55' 36.5'' N(50.9268°)
    Long:1° 40' 18.4'' W(-1.67177°)
    OSSU 23164 14202
    w3w: ///scrolled.exits.means
  6. Head across the lawn, towards the Forestry Commission Car Park past the Black Post Box, and follow the track marked "Cycle Track to Frogham only".

    Lat:50° 55' 35'' N(50.9264°)
    Long:1° 40' 22'' W(-1.67279°)
    OSSU 23093 14157
    w3w: ///masts.blemishes.radiated
  7. Take care as some cyclists interpret this sign to mean that the track is for their sole use and take delight in mowing down pedestrians along here. In fact, of course, it means than that they can only use the track to get to Frogham.

    Lat:50° 55' 34.7'' N(50.9263°)
    Long:1° 40' 29'' W(-1.67472°)
    OSSU 22957 14145
    w3w: ///household.young.pump
  8. There are good views over Eyeworth Lodge from this track, and there are various lumps and bumps beside it that may relate to the old Schultze Gunpowder Factory.

    Lat:50° 55' 34.3'' N(50.9262°)
    Long:1° 40' 45.4'' W(-1.67929°)
    OSSU 22636 14133
    w3w: ///passages.unsigned.evolution
  9. The only remnant that can be identified with any certainty is the dome-shaped mound in the field to your right, shortly before the track forks. Take the right-hand track here down to the ford.

    Lat:50° 55' 37.6'' N(50.9271°)
    Long:1° 41' 6.2'' W(-1.68505°)
    OSSU 22231 14231
    w3w: ///configure.loudly.eyelash
  10. Crossing the ford can usually be accomplished without getting your feet wet. There is normally a pile of branches on the left-hand side to help you. Follow the path as it gently climbs up hill. Look out for deer here.

    Lat:50° 55' 38.6'' N(50.9274°)
    Long:1° 41' 8.4'' W(-1.68568°)
    OSSU 22187 14264
    w3w: ///owned.span.mashing
  11. The path then drops down and at the bottom of the slope there is a forestry track leading into the trees on your right. Follow this track until you reach the fence surrounding Eyeworth Lodge.

    Lat:50° 55' 53.4'' N(50.9315°)
    Long:1° 41' 7.3'' W(-1.68537°)
    OSSU 22206 14720
    w3w: ///salaried.soils.decompose
  12. Turn left and follow the, at times indistinct, path next to the fence until you come to the road leading back down to Eyeworth Pond.

    Lat:50° 55' 55.8'' N(50.93216°)
    Long:1° 40' 50.3'' W(-1.680627°)
    OSSU 22539 14795
    w3w: ///infinite.outraged.slopes