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Strolling Guide

Thanks for pointing out the typo. Duly corrected. Suburbs are in the eye of the beholder. Some people regard Brighton as a suburb of London; on the other hand my late Aunt who lived in Richmond (Surrey) used to get very cross if anyone suggested that it was a suburb. All that I can say is that, judging by the traffic patterns, there are a lot of commuters living in the area, although where they commute to, I couldn't say.

rosie langford

Just a small point, Coalbrookdale is not by any means a suburb of Telford and Wolverhampton - maybe a suburb of Ironbridge, Broseley and Madeley but absolutely not Telford and Wolverhampton. The other point is that Reyburn is in fact spelt Rayburn!!!

Many Thanks.

Anthony Houghton

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