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The Guides (Version 1)


An extract from what was, at one time, the main index page to the guides section of the site.


Well weʼve all got to start somewhere, and for the moment that is in the New Forest.

Once that is done, I will probably tackle Dorset, with Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight some way in the future.

Eventually... well today the New Forest, tomorrow, if not the world, at least the more interesting bits of the UK. On second thoughts, I think world might have to wait.

Each Strolling Guide consists of three parts:

South Map
South Map Go to the New Forest South Map
South Map
Read the New Forest Guide
  • The Book
    Lavishly illustrated, it contains interesting articles about the area in question, together with a brief description of the local walks.
  • The CD-ROM
    With each book comes a CD-ROM that
    not only contains the full text of all the articles in searchable form, but also details of all the walks for you to print out as needed, together with additional photography and links to other web sites for up to date opening times, access details, etc.
  • The Web Site
    Here not only can you buy copies of the books and some of the best of the photographs, it also contains taster articles and walks, and up to date information on those places of interest that do not have their own web site.