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Darkhill Ironworks

The car park entrance is at ///bench.revisit.tripling

  1. The path out of the Car Park

    Leave the car park by the broad path.

    Lat:51° 46' 29.9'' N(51.774981°)
    Long:2° 35' 53.6'' W(-2.598221°)
    OSSO 58822 08648
    w3w: ///
  2. The Crossways

    At the crossways, turn right on to the old railway line. We will return along the path straight ahead.

    Lat:51° 46' 32.3'' N(51.775643°)
    Long:2° 35' 54.4'' W(-2.598431°)
    OSSO 58808 08722
    w3w: ///uncouth.gobbles.brave
  3. The path down to the pond

    The path on your left leads down to Aaron's Pond. Stick to the track along the old railway line.

    Lat:51° 46' 31.7'' N(51.77546°)
    Long:2° 35' 48.4'' W(-2.596773°)
    OSSO 58922 08700
    w3w: ///clef.weedy.pulses
  4. The Viewing Point

    On your left is the purpose built viewing platform with information boards and a grand overview of the site.

    Lat:51° 46' 33.9'' N(51.776078°)
    Long:2° 35' 43.1'' W(-2.5953°)
    OSSO 59025 08768
    w3w: ///superbly.scoping.confined
  5. Down the embankment

    Soon after the viewing platform, look out for a path on the left that doubles back and heads down the embankment.

    Lat:51° 46' 35.5'' N(51.776529°)
    Long:2° 35' 41.4'' W(-2.594842°)
    OSSO 59057 08818
    w3w: ///jeeps.guarded.increases
  6. The path down from the railway line

    At the bottom of the embankment, turn left ...

    Lat:51° 46' 35.4'' N(51.776511°)
    Long:2° 35' 42.4'' W(-2.595102°)
    OSSO 59039 08816
    w3w: ///reach.picturing.proofs
  7. The path along the bottom of the works

    ... and follow the path that skirts the bottom of the site.

    Lat:51° 46' 34.4'' N(51.776231°)
    Long:2° 35' 44.6'' W(-2.595732°)
    OSSO 58995 08785
    w3w: ///repeats.conceals.snacks
  8. The end of the wall

    At the end of the wall, turn right. The path to left leads to Aaron's Pond and is worth the short diversion.

    Lat:51° 46' 34.7'' N(51.776308°)
    Long:2° 35' 46.6'' W(-2.596264°)
    OSSO 58958 08794
    w3w: ///fulfilled.groom.area
  9. Aaron's Pond

    Aaron's Pond is a spring that was once the main water source for the surrounding villagers. The pond is now slowly silting up, but it is a pretty spot none the less.

    Lat:51° 46' 34.5'' N(51.776239°)
    Long:2° 35' 46.9'' W(-2.596363°)
    OSSO 58951 08787
    w3w: ///palettes.drew.eternally
  10. Round to the left

    Follow the path round to the left, joining the one from the locked gate into the site.

    Lat:51° 46' 35.7'' N(51.77659°)
    Long:2° 35' 48.9'' W(-2.596926°)
    OSSO 58913 08826
    w3w: ///compelled.fine.truckload
  11. Got a bit confused here

    Soon after passing the mine entrance, take the left-hand path. Warning: I'm going from memory and this photo may be unreliable.

    Lat:51° 46' 36.1'' N(51.776682°)
    Long:2° 35' 52.9'' W(-2.59803°)
    OSSO 58837 08837
    w3w: ///rested.landlords.opposing
  12. The Crossways

    Rejoin the path to the car park at the crossways.

    Lat:51° 46' 33.1'' N(51.775854°)
    Long:2° 35' 54.4'' W(-2.598454°)
    OSSO 58807 08745
    w3w: ///hobbit.rewarded.reinvest