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Yorkshire_north Map

It has to be said that the negatives of these photos taken back in 1980, are not in the best of condition. They were processed by a local chemist (probably Boots) and it looks like they weren't properly fixed.

It was not long after this that I moved to the envelope service of professional photo-finishers Colab Ltd (who, after a torrid time during the change to digital, now trade as One Vision Imaging). The negatives they produced have survived a lot, lot better.

As for Fountains Abbey, it was founded by the Cistercians in 1132 in this remote corner of North Yorkshire, and operated for 407 years until it was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1539.

It then changed hands a number of times, with each owner stripping more and more material from the ruin. Eventually it was sold to William Aislaby who incorporated it as a romantic ruin in his Studley Royal Estate.

For opening times, admission prices, etc. please see the National Trust's official site.