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The Edmondsham Estate has in recent years created a number of new Permissive Paths opening up many opportunities for walks.

Starting in the village this is an interestingly varied walk of about five kilometres (three miles) in a pretty, but unspectacular, part of Dorset.

Probably not the best walk for novices as some of the Permissive Paths are not well used and can be difficult to follow.

A leaflet detailing all the Edmondsham Woodland Walks is available from Edmondsham House when it is open, and also from the dispenser at the entrance to the Cranborne Castle site . Please note that dogs are not permitted on parts of this walk.

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Cranborne Castle


Dorset Map

Nothing is known of the history of Cranborne Castle, a motte and bailey earthwork just south of the village.

Early Norman castles like this were originally timber structures. Most were subsequently rebuilt in stone once Norman rule had been firmly established.

Given that there is no sign of Cranborne having been rebuilt, it presumably fell out of use once the surrounding area had been subdued. It was probably abandoned at the beginning of the thirteenth century, when King John built a hunting lodge in the centre of the village where Cranborne Manor now stands.

The castle consists of a circular motte, some 180 ft (55 m) in diameter and 28 ft (8.5 m) high.

This is surrounded by a crescent-shaped bailey, which on its eastern side has a rampart that is up to 25 ft (7.6 m) high in places, together with an outer ditch. The bailey is protected by the steep sides of the hill on the other sides.

The Dorset Countryside Service, together with the Edmondsham Estate which owns the site, have undertaken extensive clearance work in recent years; just as well, as the castle was almost lost in the undergrowth until recently.

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Mr Timothy Tregonwell-Monro-Smith Cranborne Castle is NOT a motte and bailey fortification

Strolling Guide

@Mr Timothy Tregonwell-Monro-Smith Too many acid trips?

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The Village Pump

Up until the 1950s, the Village Pump would have been the village's main water supply.

It has a cast iron mechanism with a fly-wheel, and pump spout is set in a stone. It is dated 1884, and is inscribed 'HEM', a reference to Hector Edmond Monro, the then squire.

The pump house of four timber posts and a pyramidal tiled roof, was built in 1931. It was designed by HEM's grandson, Anthony Medlycott FRIBA.

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