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August 2023

Two new places in Somerset this month:

July 2023

New this month, three gazetteer entries for South Wales:

June 2023

Hard to believe, but looking back through the news archive the first entry was twenty years ago. The site had been around for about a year before that, and was re-written in the November.

To celebrate, I have finally written the articles I fully intended to accompany the negatives I scanned back then, but didn't get around to it. They are:

May 2023

New for this month, Beer Quarry Caves in Devon.

April 2023

And I'm back. New this month, an article on Dunster Castle and Watemill in Somerset.

I'll try not to leave it so long, next time.

August 2022

New for this month an article on the John Pounds Memorial in Portsmouth.

July 2022

Just a few shots from the Templecombe Medieval Pageant in Somerset held back at the beginning of last month.

April 2022

A deep dive into the archives this month, with some ancient negatives of Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire getting an airing.

March 2022

New this month. From the before times. In Somerset, a walk from Selworthy village up to its eponymous beacon.

January 2022

New for this month, two places in south Wales:

December 2021

Finally got to the end of the re-organisation of the database, I think. So I should be able to get some new stuff out next month, all being well.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and let's hope the new year is a better one than the last two.

November 2021

I decided that in order to support the changes I wanted to make to the location maps, I needed to perform some fairly radical surgery to the database; big mistake.

In doing so I managed to break a lot of stuff, and in the course of fixing things, broke a lot more.

I think everything is now back to working how it used to; now all I've got to do is remember what I was trying to achieve.