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Wilverley Inclosure

Park at the southern end of the Forestry Commission's Wilverley Inclosure car park. There are toilets at the northern end.

  1. Wilverley Inclosure

    Go through the gate at the southern end of the car park marked 'Scout Camp Access'.

    Lat:50° 48' 18.9'' N(50.805244°)
    Long:1° 38' 34.4'' W(-1.642896°)
    OS:SU 25259 00694
  2. Wilverley Inclosure

    Head along the main driveway, and just keep going, ignoring any side turnings.

    Lat:50° 48' 23.5'' N(50.806523°)
    Long:1° 38' 50.3'' W(-1.64731°)
    OS:SU 24947 00834
  3. Wilverley Inclosure

    When you can hear the traffic on the busy A35 and, indeed, glimpse it through the trees at the end of the ride, turn sharp left at the green and yellow marker post. There is also a cycle track post numbered 227.

    Lat:50° 48' 32.6'' N(50.809049°)
    Long:1° 39' 37.4'' W(-1.660376°)
    OS:SU 24025 01111
  4. Wilverley Inclosure

    Go down the hill and turn right opposite a bench dedicated 'In loving memory of Josephine Collins'. There is also a cycleway post numbered 225.

    Lat:50° 48' 21.2'' N(50.805886°)
    Long:1° 39' 44.2'' W(-1.662287°)
    OS:SU 23892 00759
  5. Wilverley Inclosure

    Continue down this path, which can get increasingly muddy, until you reach a crossways.

    Lat:50° 48' 21.1'' N(50.80586°)
    Long:1° 39' 46.5'' W(-1.662918°)
    OS:SU 23848 00756
  6. Wilverley Inclosure

    Turn left at the crossways. The path we come back by is on the opposite side of the cross.

    Lat:50° 48' 20.6'' N(50.805728°)
    Long:1° 39' 49.5'' W(-1.663756°)
    OS:SU 23789 00741
  7. Wilverley Inclosure

    Follow this path until it reaches the edge of the inclosure. Go through the gate and turn right.

    Lat:50° 48' 12.8'' N(50.803563°)
    Long:1° 39' 50.3'' W(-1.663985°)
    OS:SU 23774 00500
  8. Wilverley Inclosure

    Keep along the narrow strip of land between the inclosure fence and the minor road. This road has been built on what was the track bed of the Brokenhurst to Ringwood railway line.

    Lat:50° 48' 10.5'' N(50.802915°)
    Long:1° 39' 52.2'' W(-1.664503°)
    OS:SU 23738 00428
  9. Wilverley Inclosure

    Passing a second gate, turn left when you reach the corner of the inclosure and head down the hill.

    Lat:50° 48' 16.2'' N(50.804501°)
    Long:1° 40' 7.3'' W(-1.668692°)
    OS:SU 23442 00603
  10. Holmsley

    Go through the line of fence posts marking the old railway boundary, and carry on down into the cutting.

    Lat:50° 48' 17.6'' N(50.804897°)
    Long:1° 40' 13.2'' W(-1.670324°)
    OS:SU 23327 00646
  11. Holmsley

    Go under the bridge that carries the A35 over the old track bed.

    Lat:50° 48' 17.9'' N(50.804973°)
    Long:1° 40' 16.7'' W(-1.671302°)
    OS:SU 23258 00654
  12. Holmsley

    After the bridge, the path climbs out of the cutting before swinging left and heading back down hill. At the bottom of the hill turn left.

    Lat:50° 48' 20'' N(50.805559°)
    Long:1° 40' 18.2'' W(-1.671728°)
    OS:SU 23227 00719
  13. Holmsley

    Go over the stile and out on to the verge. Cross the road with care to visit the excellent Station House at Holmesley.

    Lat:50° 48' 20.3'' N(50.805649°)
    Long:1° 40' 21.3'' W(-1.672573°)
    OS:SU 23168 00729
  14. Holmsley

    Suitably refreshed, return the way you came. The path leading to the stile is surprisingly difficult to spot from the other side of the road.

    Lat:50° 48' 19.8'' N(50.805512°)
    Long:1° 40' 22.2'' W(-1.672827°)
    OS:SU 23150 00714
  15. Wilverley Inclosure

    When you reach the first gate turn left into the inclosure.

    Lat:50° 48' 17.5'' N(50.804858°)
    Long:1° 40' 9.6'' W(-1.669328°)
    OS:SU 23397 00642
  16. Wilverley Inclosure

    When you reach the crossways we passed trough on the way out, turn left. The path can get a little indistinct here.

    Lat:50° 48' 19.9'' N(50.80553°)
    Long:1° 39' 53.5'' W(-1.664853°)
    OS:SU 23712 00718
  17. Wilverley Inclosure

    Keep following this path, which is very pretty but can be a bit boggy.

    Lat:50° 48' 24.6'' N(50.80682°)
    Long:1° 39' 52.8'' W(-1.664654°)
    OS:SU 23725 00862
  18. Wilverley Inclosure

    Go straight across the made up track. This is the one we were following on the way out from the car park. On right you should be able to spot the sharp left turn at point 3.

    Lat:50° 48' 35.7'' N(50.809909°)
    Long:1° 39' 40.2'' W(-1.661155°)
    OS:SU 23970 01206
  19. Wilverley Inclosure

    There is an almost magical feel to the path here as in meanders between the trees.

    Lat:50° 48' 41.5'' N(50.811521°)
    Long:1° 39' 27.1'' W(-1.657539°)
    OS:SU 24224 01387
  20. Wilverley Inclosure

    Join the path that comes up to meet ours from the left and keep following this more substantial track as it veers to the right.

    Lat:50° 48' 44.2'' N(50.812276°)
    Long:1° 39' 15.4'' W(-1.654291°)
    OS:SU 24453 01472
  21. Wilverley Inclosure

    Ignore the path to the right and head towards the gate out of the inclosure.

    Lat:50° 48' 43.4'' N(50.812047°)
    Long:1° 39' 4.9'' W(-1.651369°)
    OS:SU 24659 01447
  22. Wilverley Plain

    Go through the gate. Immediately to the right is the remains of old road from Burley to Sway before it was diverted along the old railway line.

    Lat:50° 48' 42.4'' N(50.811789°)
    Long:1° 38' 54.2'' W(-1.648396°)
    OS:SU 24868 01420
  23. Wilverley Plain

    Head out on to the plain to take in the views. Keep round to the right until you reach the car park.

    Lat:50° 48' 41.2'' N(50.811458°)
    Long:1° 38' 41.4'' W(-1.644822°)
    OS:SU 25120 01384
  24. Wilverley Inclosure

    If you want to avoid walking through the car park, keep to the left of the toilets and the trees. Here there is a broad grassy strip.

    Lat:50° 48' 27.1'' N(50.807523°)
    Long:1° 38' 24'' W(-1.640011°)
    OS:SU 25461 00948