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Town Centre parking only

  1. If starting from Hugh Town, head out along Telegraph Road, past the Carn Thomas Centre and Port Mellon beach.

    Lat:49° 54' 56.3'' N(49.915629°)
    Long:6° 18' 43.3'' W(-6.312023°)
    OSSV 90571 10632
    w3w: ///personal.quilt.dwelled
  2. Just past the Portloo turning look out for the gate with the Lower Moors Nature Trail sign. Go through the gate and follow the path.

    Lat:49° 55' 3.1'' N(49.91753°)
    Long:6° 18' 14.6'' W(-6.304049°)
    OSSV 91155 10810
    w3w: ///untruth.climate.moment
  3. Keep following the boardwalk past the two bird hides.

    Lat:49° 54' 54.9'' N(49.915243°)
    Long:6° 18' 8.4'' W(-6.302332°)
    OSSV 91264 10549
    w3w: ///ulterior.defected.myself
  4. At the end of the nature trail, keep straight on along the road into Old Town and take the track along the left-hand side of the bay. Keep following the coastal path.

    Lat:49° 54' 44.1'' N(49.912258°)
    Long:6° 18' 1.9'' W(-6.300536°)
    OSSV 91374 10210
    w3w: ///tests.afraid.pastels
  5. Take care when passing the end of the airport runway, observing the coloured warning lights.

    Lat:49° 54' 39.9'' N(49.911082°)
    Long:6° 17' 16.3'' W(-6.287867°)
    OSSV 92275 10027
    w3w: ///origins.toast.relatives
  6. When you reach Porth Hellick, go through the gate with the Porth Hellick Pool and Higher Moors Nature Trail sign.

    Lat:49° 55' 2'' N(49.917231°)
    Long:6° 17' 12.4'' W(-6.286784°)
    OSSV 92392 10706
    w3w: ///zipped.pampered.deluded
  7. When you reach the road, turn left and the gate to the Holy Vale Nature Trail is almost immediately on you right.

    Lat:49° 55' 12.9'' N(49.920259°)
    Long:6° 17' 25.6'' W(-6.290438°)
    OSSV 92149 11057
    w3w: ///texted.replenish.encrusted
  8. When you reach Holy Vale follow the Hugh Town road and after about 75m turn left in front of the newly built bungalow on to the footpath to Longstone and Carreg Dhu.

    Lat:49° 55' 27.7'' N(49.924349°)
    Long:6° 17' 33.7'' W(-6.292691°)
    OSSV 92014 11521
    w3w: ///turkey.crossword.pine
  9. At the end of the path, turn right on to the Longstone Road and follow this back past the interesting Carreg Dhu communal garden until it re-joins Telegraph Road.

    Lat:49° 55' 20.7'' N(49.922425°)
    Long:6° 17' 38.3'' W(-6.293985°)
    OSSV 91909 11313
    w3w: ///earplugs.slurs.panning