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Salisbury and Harnham

Park in the Crane Street Pay and Display Car Park (£1 per hour last time I was there).

  1. Between the Hedges

    If you are parked at the top of the car park, leave by the path between the hedges that starts to the left of the Public Toilets.

    Lat:51° 4' 5.1'' N(51.068097°)
    Long:1° 48' 2.6'' W(-1.800732°)
    OS:SU 14058 29882
    w3w: ///cuts.cheat.fall
  2. Bottom of the Car Park

    Alternatively, if you are parked at the bottom of the car park (and don't need the loos), go through the gap, turn right and then left towards the children's playground.

    Lat:51° 4' 3.1'' N(51.067541°)
    Long:1° 48' 4.2'' W(-1.801155°)
    OS:SU 14029 29820
    w3w: ///taped.punks.salsa
  3. Past the Playground

    Follow the path past the children's playground.

    Lat:51° 4' 3.3'' N(51.067585°)
    Long:1° 48' 6.6'' W(-1.801846°)
    OS:SU 13980 29825
    w3w: ///wounds.hurray.charge
  4. Over the Footbridge

    Take the right-hand path over the footbridge. Turn left and follow the path along the river.

    Lat:51° 4' 3.9'' N(51.067737°)
    Long:1° 48' 8.3'' W(-1.802315°)
    OS:SU 13947 29842
    w3w: ///once.action.hedge
  5. Over the River

    Cross the Longbridge Footbridge over the River Nadder.

    Lat:51° 4' 4.7'' N(51.06796°)
    Long:1° 48' 13.4'' W(-1.803732°)
    OS:SU 13848 29866
    w3w: ///habit.ranged.trips
  6. Water Meadows Path

    Keep straight on along the causeway over the old Water Meadows.

    Lat:51° 4' 3.1'' N(51.067538°)
    Long:1° 48' 16.9'' W(-1.804705°)
    OS:SU 13780 29819
    w3w: ///
  7. Bridge over the Weir

    Follow the path over the weir ...

    Lat:51° 3' 52'' N(51.064443°)
    Long:1° 48' 27.7'' W(-1.807682°)
    OS:SU 13572 29475
    w3w: ///ducks.risks.class
  8. Round the Corner

    ... round the corner ...

    Lat:51° 3' 50.4'' N(51.064005°)
    Long:1° 48' 29.4'' W(-1.808177°)
    OS:SU 13538 29426
    w3w: ///decay.feared.shows
  9. Past the Mill

    ... and along the front of Harnham Mill.

    Lat:51° 3' 49.7'' N(51.063793°)
    Long:1° 48' 30'' W(-1.80832°)
    OS:SU 13528 29402
    w3w: ///beast.faced.taped
  10. Into the Park

    Turn left into the riverside park.

    Lat:51° 3' 48.8'' N(51.063556°)
    Long:1° 48' 31.2'' W(-1.80868°)
    OS:SU 13503 29376
    w3w: ///sticky.pill.shrimp
  11. By the River

    If you're in a hurry, take the well-trodden path that runs diagonally across the field. If not, take a gentle stroll along the edge of the river.

    Lat:51° 3' 47.2'' N(51.0631°)
    Long:1° 48' 28.2'' W(-1.807832°)
    OS:SU 13562 29325
    w3w: ///secret.clip.probe
  12. Head for the Gate

    If there is a match being played, watch out for flying cricket balls as you head up to the top of the field.

    Lat:51° 3' 40.8'' N(51.061324°)
    Long:1° 48' 20.3'' W(-1.805639°)
    OS:SU 13716 29128
    w3w: ///leaves.vibes.froth
  13. Harnham Cricket Club Car Park

    Head for the gap just to the left of the Cricket Club car park.

    Lat:51° 3' 40'' N(51.061099°)
    Long:1° 48' 23.2'' W(-1.806433°)
    OS:SU 13661 29103
    w3w: ///soup.zoom.dive
  14. Cross by the Lights

    Cross the busy Harnham Road at the pedestrian controlled lights, and turn right along the pavement.

    Lat:51° 3' 38.8'' N(51.060791°)
    Long:1° 48' 23.9'' W(-1.806636°)
    OS:SU 13647 29069
    w3w: ///
  15. Through the Second Gap

    Go through the second gap on your left.

    Lat:51° 3' 39.1'' N(51.060867°)
    Long:1° 48' 25.7'' W(-1.807136°)
    OS:SU 13612 29077
    w3w: ///bend.worm.tracks
  16. Parsonage Green

    Walk diagonally across the open space and head up the Parsonage Green road opposite you.

    Lat:51° 3' 37.6'' N(51.060455°)
    Long:1° 48' 28.7'' W(-1.807971°)
    OS:SU 13553 29031
    w3w: ///ruby.dinner.rested
  17. Up the Track

    As the tarmacked road swings right, keep straight on, on to the unmade track.

    Lat:51° 3' 34.9'' N(51.059701°)
    Long:1° 48' 30.3'' W(-1.808406°)
    OS:SU 13523 28947
    w3w: ///
  18. Turn Left

    Follow the track past the car park and turn left when it meets the track along the foot of the hill.

    Lat:51° 3' 29.6'' N(51.058213°)
    Long:1° 48' 31.8'' W(-1.808838°)
    OS:SU 13493 28782
    w3w: ///
  19. Ignore the Steps

    Ignore the steps going up the hill. In the winter, when the leaves are off the trees, it might be worth checking out the views from the top path, but in summer the climb is not worth the effort.

    Lat:51° 3' 29'' N(51.058068°)
    Long:1° 48' 30.8'' W(-1.808567°)
    OS:SU 13512 28766
    w3w: ///
  20. Turn down the Hill

    Keep following the path straight ahead ignoring any turnings off, until you reach the road. Cross Grasmere Close and turn left down Old Blandford Road

    Lat:51° 3' 29.3'' N(51.058133°)
    Long:1° 48' 5.1'' W(-1.801406°)
    OS:SU 14014 28774
    w3w: ///
  21. Cross at the Traffic Islands

    Turn left at the bottom of Old Blandford Road, cross Harnham Road at the traffic island opposite All Saints Church, and turn right along the pavement back down Harnham Road.

    Lat:51° 3' 33'' N(51.059169°)
    Long:1° 48' 1.5'' W(-1.800424°)
    OS:SU 14083 28889
    w3w: ///credit.limp.upset
  22. Harnham Road Turning

    Turn left and follow Harnham Road down the hill. Fortunately for us, all the traffic carries straight on along New Harnham Road and on to the Churchill Way ring road.

    Lat:51° 3' 32.5'' N(51.059027°)
    Long:1° 47' 56.2'' W(-1.798955°)
    OS:SU 14186 28874
    w3w: ///palm.olive.urban
  23. Ayleswade Bridge Corner

    Keep going along the now virtually traffic-free (and very pretty) Harnham Road down to the traffic lights. Turn left, and go over the Ayleswade Bridge.

    Lat:51° 3' 37.2'' N(51.060335°)
    Long:1° 47' 47.7'' W(-1.796596°)
    OS:SU 14350 29020
    w3w: ///froth.played.scars
  24. The De Vaux Place Turning

    Keep to the left-hand pavement along what is now St. Nicholas Road, and where it swings round to the right, turn left into De Vaux Place.

    Lat:51° 3' 42.8'' N(51.061896°)
    Long:1° 47' 46.9'' W(-1.796355°)
    OS:SU 14367 29194
    w3w: ///
  25. Harnham Gate

    At the far end of De Vaux Place, go through the Harnham Gate and into the Cathedral Close.

    Lat:51° 3' 44.5'' N(51.062353°)
    Long:1° 47' 51.8'' W(-1.797709°)
    OS:SU 14272 29244
    w3w: ///else.spoken.rarely
  26. Across the Car Park

    Ignore the sign directing you to the Cathedral up the broad path to the right. Instead, keep straight on across the top of the car park, turn right by the South Canonry (the Bishop's house) and walk up the West Walk on the far side of the playing field.

    Lat:51° 3' 44.3'' N(51.062296°)
    Long:1° 47' 53.8'' W(-1.79828°)
    OS:SU 14232 29238
    w3w: ///parade.exit.token
  27. Houses in the Close

    There are many fine houses along here, and good views of the Cathedral.

    Lat:51° 3' 48.9'' N(51.063597°)
    Long:1° 47' 58.1'' W(-1.799474°)
    OS:SU 14148 29382
    w3w: ///desire.dent.still
  28. Round the Green

    At the end of the west walk, head for the diagonally opposite corner of the green (or Chorister's Square as it is sometimes referred to).

    Lat:51° 3' 57.7'' N(51.066034°)
    Long:1° 47' 56.7'' W(-1.799078°)
    OS:SU 14175 29653
    w3w: ///
  29. Through the Town Gate

    Go through the Town Gate, and then turn left at the traffic lights into Crane Street.

    Lat:51° 4' 2.5'' N(51.067368°)
    Long:1° 47' 51.5'' W(-1.797636°)
    OS:SU 14275 29802
    w3w: ///attend.stroke.deflection
  30. Cranes Bridge

    Go over Cranes Bridge and turn sharp left onto the riverside path. You can shorten the walk here, if you really want to, by carrying straight on to the vehicular entrance to Crane Street Car Park.

    Lat:51° 4' 4'' N(51.067776°)
    Long:1° 47' 59.3'' W(-1.799796°)
    OS:SU 14124 29847
    w3w: ///puppy.keep.brass
  31. To the Confluence

    Follow this path down to the confluence of the rivers Avon and Nadder, and round to the right. There are nice views into the gardens of the houses in the Cathedral Close along here.

    Lat:51° 3' 59.1'' N(51.066413°)
    Long:1° 48' 5.9'' W(-1.801626°)
    OS:SU 13996 29695
    w3w: ///raft.policy.metals
  32. Back past the Playground

    Turn right when you reach the children's playground and head back to your car.

    Lat:51° 4' 2.7'' N(51.067426°)
    Long:1° 48' 8.1'' W(-1.802242°)
    OS:SU 13953 29807
    w3w: ///joined.stands.become