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Drive through Kingston following the Encombe House signs, until you come to the car park for Houns Tout.

  1. Follow the marked footpath up the track.

    Lat:50° 36' 50.8'' N(50.6141°)
    Long:2° 4' 4.1'' W(-2.06781°)
    OSSY 95298 79380
    w3w: ///cheer.diplomats.latter
  2. The path goes through woods with a number of driveways leading off, all of which are marked "Private Property. No Entry. No Footpath." Until eventually it leads out on to the scarp face above Encombe Valley.

    Lat:50° 36' 33.8'' N(50.6094°)
    Long:2° 4' 20.1'' W(-2.07226°)
    OSSY 94983 78858
    w3w: ///cocoons.manage.argue
  3. Keep straight on to the end of the hill, and follow the path round to the left. Soon Chapman's Pool comes into sight below you.

    Lat:50° 35' 40.9'' N(50.5947°)
    Long:2° 4' 13.8'' W(-2.0705°)
    OSSY 95106 77223
    w3w: ///spoon.motored.windpipe
  4. From here you can either retrace your steps, or climb down the steep steps into Westhill Valley.

    Lat:50° 35' 41.3'' N(50.5948°)
    Long:2° 4' 5.6'' W(-2.06822°)
    OSSY 95267 77234
    w3w: ///snowy.cheater.fake
  5. At the bottom of the hill, go over the stile.

    Lat:50° 35' 40.6'' N(50.5946°)
    Long:2° 4' 1.4'' W(-2.06706°)
    OSSY 95349 77212
    w3w: ///sidelined.gown.fall
  6. From here you can either follow the Coastal Path diagonally across the field (marked in red), or go straight across following the Permissive Path to the Beach (marked in green).

    Lat:50° 35' 40.9'' N(50.5947°)
    Long:2° 3' 48.9'' W(-2.06359°)
    OSSY 95595 77223
    w3w: ///flinch.matrons.broadens
  7. If you visit the beach, or get this far and think better of it, follow the footpath signposted to Kingston from this point on your way back.

    Lat:50° 35' 40.6'' N(50.5946°)
    Long:2° 3' 45.7'' W(-2.0627°)
    OSSY 95658 77211
    w3w: ///belonged.gulped.irony
  8. The signpost at the bottom of Houns Tout Cliff is a little misleading. The Coastal Path actually runs across the field at a more oblique angle than that indicated.

    Lat:50° 35' 49.2'' N(50.597°)
    Long:2° 4' 0.9'' W(-2.06693°)
    OSSY 95359 77479
    w3w: ///solving.horizons.series
  9. Cross the stile and join the main track up the valley.

    Lat:50° 35' 51'' N(50.5975°)
    Long:2° 4' 0.4'' W(-2.06678°)
    OSSY 95369 77534
    w3w: ///reapply.lunge.holidays
  10. Look out for the ruins of an old sheep wash in the field on your left.

    Lat:50° 35' 53.9'' N(50.5983°)
    Long:2° 3' 60'' W(-2.06666°)
    OSSY 95378 77623
    w3w: ///prowess.fired.automatic
  11. The track up from the valley is a bit of a slog, but eventually you regain the road which shortly after enters some woodlands.

    Lat:50° 36' 28.1'' N(50.6078°)
    Long:2° 3' 48.7'' W(-2.06352°)
    OSSY 95601 78679
    w3w: ///enigma.trucks.carbonate
  12. The woods continue until you reach Kingston village. Turn left in the village and back to the car park.

    Lat:50° 36' 58'' N(50.6161°)
    Long:2° 3' 47.7'' W(-2.06324°)
    OSSY 95622 79602
    w3w: ///