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Hardway to Gosport

There is a large free car park off St Helier Road or catch the First Eclipse E1 service to the Windsor Castle pub.

  1. The Chapel Street Cut Through

    Head through the pedestrian cut-through to Chapel Street near the Chinese take-away.

    Lat:50° 48' 43.4'' N(50.812048°)
    Long:1° 8' 9.8'' W(-1.136042°)
    OS:SU 60965 01745
    w3w: ///dance.elite.funny
  2. Path next to Daisymac

    Go down the path next to Daisymac Flowers.

    Lat:50° 48' 47.3'' N(50.813127°)
    Long:1° 8' 5.7'' W(-1.134913°)
    OS:SU 61043 01866
    w3w: ///maker.slap.lame
  3. Past Lamppost

    ... past the lamppost, ...

    Lat:50° 48' 48'' N(50.813335°)
    Long:1° 8' 5.2'' W(-1.134771°)
    OS:SU 61053 01889
    w3w: ///sheet.lands.nuns
  4. Round the Corner

    ... round the corner in front of the Sailing Club, ...

    Lat:50° 48' 48.5'' N(50.813478°)
    Long:1° 8' 3.7'' W(-1.134372°)
    OS:SU 61081 01906
    w3w: ///impact.boxer.chops
  5. Along the Hard

    ... and along the hard.

    Rejoin Priory Road and head south along the waterfront.

    Lat:50° 48' 47.4'' N(50.813164°)
    Long:1° 8' 1.8'' W(-1.133832°)
    OS:SU 61119 01871
    w3w: ///thank.among.stones
  6. Along the Waterfront

    Follow the pedestrian path along the waterfront.

    Lat:50° 48' 41.9'' N(50.811633°)
    Long:1° 7' 55.6'' W(-1.132111°)
    OS:SU 61242 01702
    w3w: ///trader.above.speech
  7. Priddy's Hard

    Although not a right of way, there does not seem to be any problems walking through the Priddy's Hard site. Should the gates be closed, you can divert via Heritage Way

    Lat:50° 48' 27.8'' N(50.80773°)
    Long:1° 7' 37.9'' W(-1.127192°)
    OS:SU 61594 01272
    w3w: ///renew.judge.radar
  8. The Millennium Bridge

    Cross Forton Lake on the new Millennium footbridge.

    Lat:50° 48' 20.4'' N(50.805665°)
    Long:1° 7' 32.4'' W(-1.125667°)
    OS:SU 61704 01044
    w3w: ///tent.shakes.starts
  9. Go between Galleon Place and Ledwell Court

    Head through the gap between the modern Galleon Place and Ledwell Court blocks.

    Lat:50° 48' 11.4'' N(50.803155°)
    Long:1° 7' 29.8'' W(-1.124951°)
    OS:SU 61758 00766
    w3w: ///pets.leads.frog
  10. The Slaughterhouse and Granary

    Trun right at the Slaughterhouse and ahead of you is the Royal Clarence Victualling Yard site.

    Lat:50° 48' 10.5'' N(50.80293°)
    Long:1° 7' 26.7'' W(-1.124092°)
    OS:SU 61819 00741
    w3w: ///sends.scores.nearly
  11. Cross at the Lights

    Leave the yard through Cooperage Green, head south along Weevil Lane and cross Mumby Road at the lights. Turn left and then first right into Clarence Road.

    Lat:50° 47' 53.9'' N(50.798308°)
    Long:1° 7' 33.4'' W(-1.125939°)
    OS:SU 61695 00226
    w3w: ///really.anyone.wool
  12. Turn Left

    Follow Clarence Road as it swings round to the right. Then turn left into what is still Clarence Road, the road straight ahead becoming Ordnance Road.

    Lat:50° 47' 45.2'' N(50.795885°)
    Long:1° 7' 30.3'' W(-1.125078°)
    OS:SZ 61759 99957
    w3w: ///
  13. The Clarence Gate High Street, Gosport

    This brings you down to the High Street at the pillars marking the site of the Clarence Gate. Passing the best four buildings in Gosport, head down the High Street to the waterfront.

    Lat:50° 47' 41.9'' N(50.794965°)
    Long:1° 7' 30'' W(-1.125012°)
    OS:SZ 61765 99855
    w3w: ///marked.noting.order
  14. LS Mary Mouse 3 and a WWII Patrol Boat

    Turn right at the Ferry Pier. Continue southwards along the Gosport waterfront and out on to the Haslar Marina pier.

    Lat:50° 47' 34'' N(50.792778°)
    Long:1° 6' 57.4'' W(-1.115942°)
    OS:SZ 62407 99619
    w3w: ///shot.wisdom.foods