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Park in the lay-by at the end of the driveway to the church.

  1. Go down the driveway opposite the lay-by. This eventually turns into a field track.

    Lat:50° 51' 44.3'' N(50.8623°)
    Long:1° 58' 31.3'' W(-1.97535°)
    OSSU 01831 06978
    w3w: ///takers.degrading.dummy
  2. Keep following this down the hill, through the left-hand gate and past Chalbury Farm.

    Lat:50° 51' 55.8'' N(50.8655°)
    Long:1° 58' 27.5'' W(-1.9743°)
    OSSU 01904 07334
    w3w: ///blueberry.directly.dream
  3. On the other side of the farm the track becomes a metalled driveway. Turn right by the footpath sign, over the stile and into the field. Keep along the field boundary through the gate into the next field.

    Lat:50° 52' 12.4'' N(50.8701°)
    Long:1° 58' 24.3'' W(-1.97343°)
    OSSU 01965 07845
    w3w: ///nightlife.warbler.evolving
  4. Keep following the field edge until you come to a stile where the path to Horton branches off. Turn sharp right here and walk at right angles across the field up the slight rise.

    Lat:50° 52' 0.5'' N(50.8668°)
    Long:1° 58' 5.9'' W(-1.96831°)
    OSSU 02326 07479
    w3w: ///craftsman.albatross.guides
  5. As soon as you reach the top of the rise you will see the stile in the fence on the opposite side of the field. Go through this and diagonally across the next small field to the gate.

    Lat:50° 51' 57.6'' N(50.866°)
    Long:1° 58' 9.4'' W(-1.96929°)
    OSSU 02257 07390
    w3w: ///revised.reservoir.decisive
  6. Carry on up the hill along the edge of wood until you come to a gate on your right. Go through this and into the field.

    Lat:50° 51' 51.8'' N(50.8644°)
    Long:1° 58' 17.9'' W(-1.97165°)
    OSSU 02091 07212
    w3w: ///fields.animator.physical
  7. Although faint, the path is not too difficult to follow as it meanders its way diagonally across this field.

    Lat:50° 51' 51.1'' N(50.8642°)
    Long:1° 58' 22.1'' W(-1.97281°)
    OSSU 02009 07189
    w3w: ///posting.storm.tastings
  8. On the far side of the field the path re-joins the track down from the church, not far from the end of the metalled drive.

    Lat:50° 51' 50'' N(50.8639°)
    Long:1° 58' 26.9'' W(-1.97414°)
    OSSU 01916 07156
    w3w: ///inviting.postings.placed
  9. Don't miss Chalbury Church. Well worth the short detour.

    Lat:50° 51' 40.7'' N(50.8613°)
    Long:1° 58' 28.3'' W(-1.97453°)
    OSSU 01888 06867
    w3w: ///stated.schooling.crush