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Ballard Down

Park in the southernmost of the two lay-bys on the Ulwell Road out of Swanage.

  1. Ballard Down Swanage

    Go through the gate at the north end of the lay-by.

    Lat:50° 37' 41.6'' N(50.628227°)
    Long:1° 58' 15.2'' W(-1.970878°)
    OS:SZ 02156 80949
    w3w: ///pirate.means.promising
  2. Ballard Down Swanage

    Head up the hill past the Swanage Water Act benchmark.

    Lat:50° 37' 42.1'' N(50.628375°)
    Long:1° 58' 15.7'' W(-1.971026°)
    OS:SZ 02145 80966
    w3w: ///snowmen.error.behaving
  3. Ballard Down Swanage

    When you reach the point were the path up the hill crosses the path along the foot of the downs, turn right and follow the later path.

    Lat:50° 37' 44'' N(50.628901°)
    Long:1° 58' 15.8'' W(-1.971044°)
    OS:SZ 02144 81024
    w3w: ///races.instructs.belong
  4. Ballard Down Swanage

    Keep following this path along the left side of the hedgerow.

    Lat:50° 37' 43.5'' N(50.628749°)
    Long:1° 58' 14.3'' W(-1.97064°)
    OS:SZ 02172 81007
    w3w: ///arranger.waving.burn
  5. Ballard Down Swanage

    Go through the gate.

    Lat:50° 37' 43.5'' N(50.628761°)
    Long:1° 57' 53.3'' W(-1.964809°)
    OS:SZ 02585 81009
    w3w: ///dynamic.zealous.novels
  6. Ballard Down Swanage

    Cross the path from Swanage to the Studland, and continue along the narrowing path to the left of the hedgerow.

    Lat:50° 37' 45.5'' N(50.629315°)
    Long:1° 57' 33.9'' W(-1.959425°)
    OS:SZ 02966 81070
    w3w: ///insurance.rationed.vegans
  7. Ballard Down Swanage

    The path drops down through the wooded coombe before climbing up again, to join the level route.

    Lat:50° 37' 48.2'' N(50.630066°)
    Long:1° 57' 9.3'' W(-1.952597°)
    OS:SZ 03449 81154
    w3w: ///radiated.wipes.diplomas
  8. Ballard Down Swanage

    The walk could be extended here by taking the right-hand path, dropping down to the gate in the far distance and out along the Coastal Path to the end of Ballard Down.

    Lat:50° 37' 50.1'' N(50.630571°)
    Long:1° 56' 51.3'' W(-1.947586°)
    OS:SZ 03803 81211
    w3w: ///viewer.laws.sounds
  9. A Round Barrow

    Our path, however, gradually ascends to the ridge and becomes indistinct. Head towards the two Round Barrows on the top of the ridge.

    Lat:50° 37' 51.7'' N(50.631037°)
    Long:1° 56' 45.6'' W(-1.945989°)
    OS:SZ 03916 81263
    w3w: ///useful.important.options
  10. Ballard Down Swanage

    Turn left at the barrows ...

    Lat:50° 37' 53.7'' N(50.631572°)
    Long:1° 56' 41.6'' W(-1.944886°)
    OS:SZ 03994 81322
    w3w: ///cabinet.baguette.latest
  11. Ballard Down Swanage

    .. and follow the broad path as it continues to climb.

    Lat:50° 37' 53.7'' N(50.631572°)
    Long:1° 56' 45.3'' W(-1.945907°)
    OS:SZ 03922 81322
    w3w: ///spike.examples.stiffly
  12. A Gate

    Go through the gate, and keep on up the path to the highest point of the walk.

    Lat:50° 37' 51.3'' N(50.630921°)
    Long:1° 57' 56.4'' W(-1.96566°)
    OS:SZ 02525 81249
    w3w: ///upper.engineers.spurned
  13. Swanage Water Act Obelisk

    Drop down to the Obelisk, turn left and go over the stile.

    Lat:50° 37' 52.8'' N(50.631338°)
    Long:1° 58' 8.2'' W(-1.968947°)
    OS:SZ 02292 81295
    w3w: ///accusing.lighters.impact
  14. Ballard Down Swanage

    Soon the path starts to drop steeply, and eventually it becomes knee jarringly uneven steps.

    Lat:50° 37' 47.2'' N(50.629779°)
    Long:1° 58' 15'' W(-1.970843°)
    OS:SZ 02158 81122
    w3w: ///
  15. Ballard Down Swanage

    At the bottom of the steps, cross the path that runs along the foot of the downs and return to the lay-by by the path you came up.

    Lat:50° 37' 44.6'' N(50.629067°)
    Long:1° 58' 16.1'' W(-1.97115°)
    OS:SZ 02136 81042
    w3w: ///