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Badbury Rings


Large car park signposted off the B3082

  1. Route

    From the car park at Badbury Rings, follow the path that runs alongside to the gallops on the north-west side of the site.

    Lat:50° 49' 41.9'' N(50.8283°)
    Long:2° 3' 24.7'' W(-2.05686°)
    OS:ST 96091 03198
    w3w: ///breath.dollar.campus
  2. Route

    After a while this drops down through a small wooded area and becomes a fenced path between two fields which climbs again to The Oaks.

    Lat:50° 49' 47.6'' N(50.8299°)
    Long:2° 3' 13.7'' W(-2.05381°)
    OS:ST 96306 03376
    w3w: ///mattress.persuade.whirlpool
  3. Badbury

    The National Trust have decided that it is far too dangerous to let people walk underneath the trees, and have diverted the footpath along the edge of the adjoining field.

    Lat:50° 50' 0.2'' N(50.8334°)
    Long:2° 2' 58.5'' W(-2.04959°)
    OS:ST 96604 03765
    w3w: ///
  4. Badbury

    Keep along the edge of the field and through the old gateway.

    Lat:50° 50' 7.1'' N(50.8353°)
    Long:2° 2' 50.4'' W(-2.04734°)
    OS:ST 96762 03976
    w3w: ///deriving.diverged.animates
  5. Badbury

    And then dog-leg right and left back onto the old footpath.

    Lat:50° 50' 8.5'' N(50.8357°)
    Long:2° 2' 48.2'' W(-2.04673°)
    OS:ST 96805 04021
    w3w: ///swatted.shoelaces.highlight
  6. Route

    Follow the path along the edge of the wood until you get to a T-junction. Turn right and follow the farm track through Kingsdown Farm. Don't miss the views from the gate over towards Wimborne. Note: This path can get very muddy.

    Lat:50° 50' 8.9'' N(50.8358°)
    Long:2° 2' 39.2'' W(-2.04422°)
    OS:ST 96982 04032
    w3w: ///proceeds.readers.indicated
  7. Signpost

    When you reach the crossways follow the Badbury Rings path, straight ahead up the hill.

    Lat:50° 49' 54.8'' N(50.8319°)
    Long:2° 2' 46.1'' W(-2.04613°)
    OS:ST 96847 03598
    w3w: ///explores.dispensed.ordeals
  8. Through the Gate

    Go through the gate on the right-hand side of the path that leads on to the Rings.

    Lat:50° 49' 37.7'' N(50.827151°)
    Long:2° 2' 51.8'' W(-2.04772°)
    OS:ST 96735 03070
    w3w: ///eyeliner.drifters.skirt
  9. Badbury Rings

    You can go trough the middle of the rings or round the north side, but I would recommend the inner ring on the sunny south side for the best views.

    Lat:50° 49' 36.1'' N(50.826684°)
    Long:2° 2' 58.6'' W(-2.049608°)
    OS:ST 96602 03018
    w3w: ///reflected.overlooks.curiosity