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In an age when most beer seems to be brewed either by huge international brewing conglomerates or tiny independent craft brewers, it is good to see that the Wadworth Brewery, a medium-sized regional brewer, appears to be thriving.

One fairly recent innovation is the Brewery Tours. These are excellent.

Starting off with a look round the old brew house with its open 'copper' then moving on to the gleaming new stainless steel replacement, one gains a good understanding of the brewing process.

The tour also covers some of the anciliary services including the cooperage, the sign writers, the shire horse stables and the dray sheds.

This is followed by a visit to the sample bar in the Visitor Centre, and a tutored beer tasting session which rounds the visit off nicely.

Unfortunately the horses were on holiday at the time of my visit, and the cooperage is now sadly defunct. Apparently beer keeps for longer in metal casks, so only a dozen or so Wadworth pubs still use the wooden barrels.

For details of the times and admission prices please see the official Visitor Centre site detailed below.