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Uganda Map

There is no apparent reason why anyone form the west would want to visit Kitgum unless they either worked for an NGO, or (as we did) know someone working for an NGO in the area. Years of fighting between the Ugandan Army and the Lord's Resistance Army have insured that there is absolutely nothing in the way of a tourist infrastructure north of the Murcheson Falls National Park (other than the Kidepo Valley park in the far north-east).

Even the best hotel in town, the Bomah (excellent value at $20 a night), is stuck in the 1960s, with a "chicken in the basket" menu to match. The most exciting thing to do is to walk up to the top of "the hill" (the only one for miles around) and watch the sunset.

At least it is a chance to cool down. At only 940m above sea level, Kitgum is noticeably hotter than Kampala at 1240m.