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The thing that impressed me most about Disneyland, Paris was the build quality.

Most theme parks have a slightly flimsy, film set feel to them, and rightly so, they need to be constantly changed in order to attract the punters back.

Being tied in with the films gives many of the Disney attractions an element of nostalgia and permanence that generic theme parks cannot hope to acquire.

After all, something like the Sleeping Beauty Castle will be there for as long as the park is there, so it makes sense to build it well.

The most scary ride? "it's a small world". Took me months to get the tune out of my mind, and it still gives me nightmares.

You might like to note that you could get an almost acceptable cup of tea in Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost when we were there in 2002. I dare say the French have put a stop to that now.

Walt Disney Studios Park

The Walt Disney Studios Park is not actually a working studio so the whole thing has a slightly staged feel to it. It is, however, very well presented, entertaining and informative.

The two attractions really stick in the mind: Firstly, the display of physical effects in Catastrophe Canyon (part of the Studio Tram Tour) which give a very good impression of the lengths the studios are prepared to go to produces spectacular scenes - or at least were prepared to go to in the days before GGI.

Secondly, the fabulous Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular which reveals a lot of the tricks of the trade, as well as being great fun.