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Houns Tout


Dorset Map

OS Ref: SY 953 794

Last Visited: 2009

Route down to Chapman's Pool

Route down to Chapman's Pool

A long walk this by my standards, 5.2km (3.5mls). It can also be done as a there and back walk to the top of Houns Tout Cliff which saves a lot of climbing up and down.

From the bottom of the cliff there are an number of alternative routes, one of which is to take a diversion down to Chapmanʼs Pool beach. But that is really beyond the scope of this site, or at least of its author.

My definition of a stroll is a walk that can be done without carrying a rucksack. I took one look at the path down to the beach (admittedly on what was a very hot day) and decided that it couldnʼt be done without carrying something to drink. As I wasnʼt and was already quite thirsty, I gave it a miss.

Some years ago the track from Kingston to Renscombe Farm was a toll road, and you could park in the field above Chapmanʼs Pool. This is no longer the case, and the nearest car park is now at Renscombe some 120m above sea level.

Unfortunately the Scott Arms in Kingston, which used to be a lovely old pub, has recently been refitted as a trendy London Wine Bar and can no longer be recommended, unless you like that sort of thing, of course. Continued…

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