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Dorset Map

Despite the name Flower's Barrow is not a barrow at all, but an Iron Age Hill Fort.

It consists of two sets of walls. Along the northern edge of the escarpment these run closely parallel; at the more level eastern and western ends they open out, possibly indicating that the settlement had grown significantly by the time the second set of walls were built.

The southern third of the fort has been lost to cliff erosion, but presumably would have been lightly defended.

Flower's Barrow is located within the Lulworth Military Range. The ranges are open on selected weekends and for the whole of August (check opening days). The cleared paths are indicated by yellow posts, and you should not venture on to the walls of the fort.

Getting There

I was in two minds whether to list this as a stroll rather than a place, and would have done if it weren't for three things: