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National Tramway Museum


Derbyshire Map

Last Visited: 1992

Johannesburg 60
Johannesburg 60

So how did the conversation go then?

"Letʼs build a National Tramways Museum."

"Good idea. Where shall we build it?"

"Well, itʼs a National Museum, so it needs to be easy to get to, and itʼs about trams, which are essentially urban."

"How about a disused quarry in a tiny village halfway up the side of a remote Derbyshire Dale?"

"Sounds ideal. Go for it!"

Leeds City Tramways 399
Leeds City Tramways 399

Seriously, although the good folks at the Tramway Museum have gone to tremendous lengths: building a cobbled street, and importing the original facades of various historic buildings, the illusion is shattered every time you look outside the site.

The line is a little on the short side, but the trams seem to be enjoying themselves pottering around their retirement home in countryside. And they are lovely.

Check the Crich Tramway Villageʼs website for opening times etc.