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Not quite as spectacular as its counterpart, Rumps Point, on the other side of the Camel estuary, Stepper Point nevertheless offers some fine cliff scenery and good walking.

There is limited roadside parking at Lellizzick Farm or, if that is full there is a pay car park for the bay in the field below the farm.

The footpaths are clearly marked, and you shouldn't have any difficulty finding your way.

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Apart from the Stepper Point Daymark, the most remarkable feature is the Pepper Hole. Like much of this coast, I suspect this is man-made; probably an old mine. It could be just a collapsed sea cave, but there is clearly a road leading down to a leveled area to the east of the hole, where some sort of buildings may have stood. Seen from the sea, a clear fault line in the cliffs, which would again indicate the presence of mineral deposits.

It would be possible to extend the walk down to Hawkers Cove and back up to the car park, but having done Trevose Head earlier in the day, I decided to head straight back to the car along the level path. Incidentally, this path has been made accessible to wheelchair users.